Overwhelmed with my novel ambitions

Things haven’t lightened up at all work wise, but I felt like decompressing a bit here.

Life is so stressful right now. There are cracks in my concrete that are ready to split any second…Wholesale orders have been coming everyday, people calling asking to come by our house to buy whatever pieces we have. “Do you have any decorations on your walls you might want to sell?” asked one lady. What is going on? I don’t know if we can keep up at this pace. Luckily my mom-in-law is coming to help us paint tomorrow. Saturday we have two events and a wedding to go to and birthday party on Sunday. Plus my day job is busy because it’s the start of the good weather season and I keep volunteering to write fun stories about knitting and shopping and carving pumpkins. For the past two weeks I’ve been cruising on 3-4 hours of sleep a night. My eyes sting 24/7 but I can’t let up or I’ll miss deadlines. I would love to just take a nap for an entire day! I should not complain though, these are all things I’ve been asking for and they actually came through. I’m grateful and thankful. Usually by the end of November, anyway, it lightens up and we take time off to chill and play.

Actually, it’s no different than any other year except this time I’m actually FINALLY getting going on my novel. Not just outlining like I’ve been doing for the past year, but actually churning out chapters. What a time to get motivated! I had all summer to crank it out, but no, I wait until our busiest month of the year. I’m not letting it stop me. I finally just said the heck with it and sat down and started typing the skeleton of the story. And then I go back and flesh out. Fiction is so exciting! I love doing it and wish I could work on it all day and night because I have it all in my brain, I just need the physical time to punch it out. It has a long way to go, but I just feel like this is something I urgently need to finish. Even if it sucks more than the latest season of “The Real World”, I have to do it to get it out of my system.

I had a super fantastico experience today. I was at channel 12 doing my weekly craft segment and I met a fortune teller. She was there as part of the show. After the show was over she stayed around to read our palms and our cards. The first thing she told me was that I have mucho energy and I should learn to take control of it so I can accomplish my goals/projects with more precision and focus. She said I had three “happiness bands” around my wrists and noted than many people don’t even have one.

The freakiest part was when she read my cards. I normally don’t do this kind of stuff, but she was there and she had a lot of positive, genuine energy and I felt comfortable. Not like those scary fortune tellers at the State Fair who tell you things like “Your heart has been broken in a million pieces! But you will heal!”. That happened to me last year when I went to the fair with my mom-in-law. I told the fortune teller lady that thankfully I hadn’t had my heart broken, and she kept insisting that I did. She kept trying to tell me I was sad and lonely inside. I told her, “No, I have many blessings in my life that I’m not worthy of..”. She kicked me out of her little booth and wouldn’t even take the payment.

But this lady was different…

Before she even lifted the first card, one fell out of the deck. It was the exhaustion card. Then she laid down the next four cards: success, guardian angel, possibilities and travel. I like that! She explained what they all meant and told me to take time to enjoy the successes that come in daily life, no matter how big or small. There were other cards but I can’t remember them, but I liked them too. She told me to let go of people with negative energy that hold me back and three positive people will come my way. But I’m happy to report, I don’t really know any people with negative energy – anyone that I interact with anyway – so that’s a good thing. Over all it was highly positive/motivating stuff that I already knew inside my heart, but it felt good to hear it.

So today I cancelled one of our art events. It was a really hard decision, but I need to lighten the load. This lady was right. It’s great to reach your goals, but instead of as she said “crossing it off the list and diving into the next one”, I need to teach myself to stop and soak it in. Otherwise, what’s the use? It’s all about quality over quantity.

Right now I want to send a strong prayer, lots of love and condolences to one of my beloved family members who suffered a very tragic loss today. There is nothing I, or anyone else, can say or do to make things better but offer love, strength and hope because I know it is needed more than ever at this very moment and i’m sending over as much as I can.

I know it’s time to sign off when my vision is blurry, like it is right now!

Love & light,

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