Really taking the plunge? Anyone?

Today I read an article in a magazine about three different women who “took the plunge” of giving up their day job to pursue their creative interests. I read the story and felt happy for them, but they all had something in common – a back up. Whether it was a husband who had a FT job with benefits, or no kids or parents to lend a hand, etc.

I’m proud they are following their dreams, but I’d really love to read more stories about women who REALLY took the plunge – as in leaving a FT job to pursue a dream and sacrificing health benefits, main bread winner steady income – you get the gist. No back up, just pure faith. Am I being off base here? I would love to know about how they are making things work, making ends meet, savng for kid’s college, etc. and if they have any regrets.

Any of you out there?

See, my hubby is an artist too. We both led a bohemian life for several years before I went to work at the paper. We struggled big time, and with 2 kids… It was stressful, but beautifully fulfilling at the same time. Everyday was a Saturday and whenever we got bored with our daily quota we’d drop our paintbrushes and go to the movies or the park or some sort of open-air activity. I miss those days. Patrick still paints full-time and makes good dough, enough that is no other job he would like that could pay him more than what he is doing now. It woul dbe a shame to see him hang up his paintbrushes to work as abank teller or whatever. I’m very lucky in that my day job is very creative and I’ve always had awesome bosses and co-workers. That’s what makes things hard, I love doing all of it!

My job, which I love, love, love dearly, has enabled us to build a nest egg, travel across the globe, buy a house and further our business. At the same time, it’s really limited my creative options, or rather diverted them, I should say. Maybe it’s because I’m not a spring chicken anymore that I have this crazy sense of urgency to go do big adventurous things like dropping the kids off at school AND being able to pick them up on time or creating an elaborate mosaic on my kitchen walls or painting oversized wall murals, perhaps designing a line of clothing and/or greeting cards, finishing my novel faster and traveling around the country teaching workshops. Instead I’m in the studio, churning out hundreds of items like crosses, jewelry and so on.

When do you know if it is time to shake things up? Is my dad right when he says the best way to live is to work a good paying 9-5 and do your hobbies on the weekends? What if you have a lot of hobbies and don’t know how to choose which to spend your time on? Where are the magazine articles on that? I really need to read one right now!

No worries. I get like this every year around this time. October is our busiest month, we get slammed with internet orders, people calling about why we can’t deliver fast enough, plus all our festivals and art shows. It’s non-stop glitterama mass producing! Things will slow down in the middle of November and then I can take a deep breath. I absolutely have to make a change though. I have a book due in February, plus my novel that I’m chipping away at. I have to think about maybe putting that kitchen mosaic onhold for a while. But for now, I gotta get back to work. We have a huge event next weekend, two days and a prime booth spot – and we have ZERO stock. We have exactly one week to paint our pants off. I already pulled out my favorite espresso machine and am ready to load it up!

Love & light,

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