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My OMG moment with Carol Duvall

The loveable Carol Duvall is the ultimate queen of crafts. She’s had her crafting show on HGTV for 10 years and DIY-ers adore her like crazy. If you go on the HGTV message boards you can see how people have taped her entire series from day one! I haven’t taped the shows but I’ve watched it faithfully. She was touting glue guns and glitter before crafting became hip again.

So you can guess how excited I was when I got to talk to her today for a story I was writing. When we finished the interview questions we got to chatting about the business and when she found out I was a craft book author she recognized my name – or my book, I should say. She told me that not only had she seen La Casa Loca, but she featured one of my projects from it on the show! How in the world did I miss that, I’ve been TiVOing it every day since forever. That was my “Oh my God!” moment today. I feel so honored!! Thank you Carol!

Today I saw a movie that was filmed in France and another that took place in England. Both rocked. I’ve decided I need to go back to both countries very soon. Hmmm. Let’s go see what British Airways deals are going on these days…Maybe we can all meet at Covent Garden at 2pm tomorrow, and go shopping, what do you say? Oh how I wish we could blink and be there, don’t you?
peace, respect & glitter.
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