My real life swear to God ghost story.

Do you have a ghost story? I do 🙁

When I was pregnant with DeAngelo and it came time to deliver, I had to go to the ER. I had undiagnosed toxemia, my feet were swollen like a sideshow circus performer and Deangelo had stopped growing in my belly. Duh! The doctor didn’t take those as clues.

Anyway, at the hospital, my blood pressure shot up sky high thanks to a pushy nurse with a horrible bedside manner. Every few minutes the alarms would go off and the other nurses kept telling me to calm down before I had a seizure. I felt calm, but my blood pressure didn’t. They wheeled my bed into a different room and Patrick came in with me.A doctor came in and informed me that I had to get an emergency c-section and within seconds a whole team of nurse flew in and crowded around me.
It was in the old wing of the St. Joseph’s. From one second to the next, I had shots and tubes going in (and out) every where and the whole surgery ordeal was very traumatic. DeAngelo came out, undercooked and unhappy, and was put in a little incubator because he was jaundiced and barely four pounds. They moved me to a room to recover and sleep off the meds that had me heavily sedated.

In the middle of my slumber, I felt someone SMACK me dead on in the face with a pillow. I jumped up and screamed – first from fright and then from pain from the fresh c-section wound. I yelled at Patrick (who was sleeping in the chair next to my bed) “Why did you do that? You hit me with the pillow!”

He said, “Why would I do that to you? I love you!” He began to cry with me. We heard weird wailing sounds of people crying and sobbing uncontrollably. We couldn’t tell if they were real people or ghosts. All the lights were off because it was in the middle of the night, so all I could see was Patrick’s silhouette. We decided no matter what, we wanted to get the heck out of there! We were beyond freaked!

Right then the door busted open and the lights came on. It was the nurses wheeling in baby DeAngelo, who was crying because he was starving. We knew had picked the right name for him, DeAngelo, because it means “the angel” in Spanish. At that moment everything was ok.

So we thought…

Several years later we moved into a house that used to be a way station for the homeless and was since renovated into a nice home. It has some strange creaks and noises happening there. We’d be in the art room painting and hear shuffling in the kitchen, as if someone were going through the cabinets. We responded by turning up the volume on the TV.

But at this house, any time I felt exhausted and would fall into a heavy sleep, this thing would hit me in the face, just like at the hospital. Sometimes harder! I’d feel it pick me up by my feet and lift me upside down and spin me around, pull me to the ceiling or once even drag me through the hallway at super speed. It was like an unwanted frightening outer body experience. Like a kidnapping of my spirit, a violation!

From up above, I would see Patrick below, sleeping on his side of the bed next to my body. I would try sooo hard to call him to wake him or grab him to get him to help me, but I couldn’t reach him and he couldn’t hear me. The only way I could get free from this thing’s iron grip was to yell at it in my mind, like “NO!” and squiggle and fight until I was released. When the nightmare experience was over, I’d be physically out of breath and right away I’d wake up Patrick to hold me.

It got to the point where I was terrified to go to sleep because it was happening every night (I’m a workaholic and was/am always exhausted). One night Patrick hugged me and then gripped my shoulders and told me to go to bed like a warrior – vibe up, take control of my energy and put up my spiritual, sacred force field. It sounds so goofy but thats what I did! It was the only defense I had.

For the first time I summoned what I call my Aztec Warrior Angels to protect me and my family. Every night now, I don’t fall asleep without saying my prayers, giving thanks and asking to be protected. I now send out a strong Kill Bill warning right before the sheets are pulled up under my chin.

The only thing I can think of is that something must have latched on to me from the hospital when my inner and outer defenses were weary and weak. It returned when we were living at that creepy house. It’s gone now though, all is good! I’m not scared because I know I’m strong.

Hope I didn’t freak anyone out!

Do you have a ghost story? Please share!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Cool story! but very scary! I went through a phase similar when I was staying in North Carolina with a boyfriend (i’m from the UK) – we were in our early 20s (this is 20 years ago tho! eek!) and trying to get ‘in touch’ with ourselves – hanging out on the beach with bongo drums and that kinda thing – at night I sometimes used to wake up in a panic as I felt I was being pulled and wrangled out of myself – something was pulling me up and out and inside myself I was screaming “no, no” and concentrating on staying where I was. Creepy as hell. It was an odd time – we used to get great electric storms there and everytime the lightening struck the underside of the arches of my feet used to hurt. I felt very ‘charged’ living there – on Ocracoke, part of the Outer Banks – I haven’t really had it since thank goodness.

  2. i have several, but not as scary as yours!

    at hubby’s old house, all the women who lived/stayed there would get molested in their sleep. i’d always be so scared. i’d also literally run to the bathroom — that house was freaky at night. it never felt good in the day, either. there was also this mysterious stain in the livingroom carpet that would reappear after we cleaned it. yuck!

    the house we lived in before this one was quite active. a little girl had died there. hubby would hear her play in the hallway. the hall closet always reeked. the garage was way spooky. we had a friend “clean the house” and that worked for a while. we had a small xmas tree in my step-daughter’s bathroom, and the little girl started playing with it — she’d move it around. my step-daughter (accidentally) cleaned with rose water from the botanica, and things calmed down again. but after grey was born, the girl came back, and would actually try to play with him, which scared him to death. she also liked to play with my inventory — i’d always lose the same things — she really liked the saint charms. i do have to say that the house had a really warm, loving feeling to it (‘cept for the garage). i do miss that.

    once, sitting in my friend’s kitchen in an old victorian in san francisco, a spoon started stirring in a pot on the stove — by itself. the friend said that oh yeah, that’s the old woman. she likes to cook.

    and then, staying at another friend’s house, i was kept awake all night by this ghost dog that kept getting in and out of bed, circling, laying next to me. i was totally freaked out! the friend said it was just the dog, and that it does that all the time. at least she didn’t have stay in the room with the old man. uh…

  3. I do! In highschool my mom bought a house and when we were moving in she told me I could have either of the two bedrooms. I chose the one in the front of the house because the one in the back of the house gave me the creeps.

    A couple months after moving in I was sleeping in my mom’s room. She used to work nights and I would be home alone and would sleep in her bed because it felt safer. When I was lying in her bed I could see down the hall and just barely into the creepy room.

    I was suddenly woken up because a light went on in that room. Now, I’m like 14 at the time and am FREAKED out because it’s one of those lamps that goes on when you touch it. I finally get the nerve to get up and when I go in there is no one there. I turn the light off and race back to my mom’s room. Moments later, it went on again. I got up and turned it off. A bit later, there is goes again. I finally was way to freaked out to do anything about it and all through the night the light went on and off.

    Then at around 3am I wake up standing in the middle of the room. I’ve never walked in my sleep before but there I was in creepy bedroom. I went to bed and at around 5am it happened again so I decided that I would just get up.

    After that night other things started happening in that room. We had our stereo in there (plugged into a different outlet than the light) and it would suddenly get really loud and/or quiet. Now this was one of those heavy duty 80’s stereos where you would turn the big silver knob to adjust the volume. You would go in the room and the volume would be turned up and the knob had been turned.

    I also had a girlfriend that would NOT go in that room because it creeped her out and she had never heard any of the stories at that time.

    Years later my stepbrother, who is mentally disabled, moved into the house with us and that was his room. On many occasions you would hear him in the room with the door closed talking to someone. This NEVER happened in our old house and he wasn’t known for having conversations with himself. When you would ask him about it, he would completely clam up. After he moved out nothing ever happened in that room again and the weight of the room lifted. We always figured that the spirit living there just wanted a friend and that is what my step brother became. He made everything ok.

  4. OOh- lots and lots of stories like these (and some even scarier) in a great book (kind of small but very interesting) called “Spiritual Housecleaning”
    it also tells you how to guard against and protect yourself and loved ones with such things happening. 🙂

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