Potatoes, pictures and plotlines

First off, I have fun pictures to post but they are in the camera and Maya was pretending to be a 6th grade Annie Lebowitz today and now I can’t find it and she is snoring in her bed. High fashion living room photography will do that to you, I guess. However, her supermodels were none other than our chihuahuas, Ozzy and Bianca! So I’ll post pics tomorrow.

I had a *little* mashed potato meltdown yesterday for Thanksgiving. Every year I get assigned to bring the “pop and chips” to our family gathering of 32 – in other words – no one trusts me because
A. We always arrive way late or
B. They’ve heard of my cooking disasters from the past.

This year I stepped up to the plate and volunteered to make the mashed potatoes and gravy. One of the main staples! Following my commitment, I got lectured to be on time and to make them *normal* (no garlic salt or cheese mixed in, etc).

Thursday morning, I reluctantly happily washed, peeled and mashed two big bags of the spuds and then added butter, chicken broth, milk and a few other innocuous spices. After everything was mixed together and creamy looking, I tasted them to make sure I had it down right. I tweaked and then tasted. Tweaked and tasted again…and kept going until I barfed!

Not only did I get more bloated than the Pokemon float from that morning’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, my body crashed because of my bad blood sugar issue. So I fell flat-faced on the bed and skipped both mine and Patrick’s family festivities. Everyone was MAD at me, but I did my best to zone out and sleep off my discomfort.

The kids went to my side of the family’s dinner and had a blast, albeit they did seem slightly traumatized. It went like this when they got home:

MAYA: “Mommy, everyone was asking for you and I told them you got sick from eating your mashed potatoes!”
DeANGELO: “Mommy. I had to correct her and tell them – “the mashed potatoes aren’t bad, she just ate too much of them because she wanted them to be perfect and she got sick.”

They said they had to repeat this story over and over throughout the evening and felt sillier each time.

“What did they say when you told them?” I asked.

Maya looked at DeAngelo. He looked at me. “They just said “Oh.” But then they said they hoped you felt better soon.”

“Did they wink when they said that?” I asked.

“No Mommy, no winks.”

OK, if my family ddidn’t think I was a major nutcase as of yet, they sure do now! Can you imagine what it must have sounded like behind closed doors? In my paranoid mind it’s like this: “Kathy got sick from having to make the mashed potatoes and sent her innocent kids to cover? Geez, good thing she didn’t make the turkey cuz we would have had to dial in a therapist! That’s it – she’s back on pop and chips for next year.”

Today was a better, less drama. Me, DeAngelo and Maya met up with my friend Jaye, her husband and baby daughter at the Biltmore (my favorite place this time of year!) for coffee this morning. Then we shopped for gourmet doggie treats and drooled at the one-day sales at the Mac store. It was my first real break away from the computer. I’ve been writing like mad to meet the novel deadline. I’m at 43,000 words now – only 7,000 to go by Wednesday to be an official NaNoWriMo “winner”.

After I got home and sat in front of the computer and really didn’t feel like typing so I spent all afternoon and evening making ultra happy medium-sized desktop shrines. These are the pictures I wanted to post, darn! Oh well. Soon enough. Now I feel like working on the book.

I’ve outlined the final chapters and once I’m done with the 50,000 word skeleton and get it validated by NaNoWriMo, I have to go back to page one and fine tune and color it all in. I’m thinking it will be between 60-80,000 words by the time I get to type “The End”.

Writing a novel is hard! I still can’t believe I’m doing this, I hope I can cross the finish line in time.

I really want one of the T-shirts they give you!

Love & light,

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