Rolling in the Green

Spanish Market rocked.

It was worth the glue gun burns 10 times over! We had a prime spot, right at the main entrance and met all kinds of fantastic folks who came by either to shop or to sell. My favorite part of events like this are hooking up with other artists, listening to their stories, trading business cards and giving hugs and gifts when it’s all over. I’ll be adding their links to my site soon! The Heard Museum staff was so gracious. All day there were volunteers pushing carts with water, coffee, homemade cookies, pozole, veggies, hard boiled eggs, trail mix and fruit for the artists. They went all out to make sure we were muy feliz.

I was so happy this weekend that I teetered on the nutso side this afternoon.

While the festival was in full swing, I walked with Maya to this huge sunken-in amphitheater. She asked me to go with her to watch her lay down at the top edge with her arms stretched over her head and roll down to the bottom. The grass was greener than an Irish spring and it looked so, well, lush and fluffy. I sat on the concrete and watched Maya’s long skinny body twirl down the hill. I did a head swoop and saw a bunch of other kids doing the same. It looked SO fun…oh to be a kid again and not care who is watching you play…

I looked around to notice that there wasn’t anyone older than 10 or 11. I then inspected my attire. “If I were to roll down the hill, would any of my fat pop out anywhere?” I thought.

So I did it too! I laid at the top, stretched out my arms over my head and myself go. At first I thought I would just come to thud of a stop because of my girth – but lo and behold – I was like a huge boulder rolling off a cliff. My descent started slow, but picked up more speed as I went down.

Maya had already reached the bottom. Each time my face rolled in her direction, I could see different expressions of shock on her eyes and mouth.

“Stop, Mommy! You are getting close to the concrete!” she yelled.

I shouted back, “I CAN’T!”

But I did stop just in time. I can only imagine what those poor little kids there thought when they witnessed an old plump lady rolling down the hill. At least my fat was safely intact under my sweater!

It was so fun, I did it again. And then I felt like I was going to chuck up my Sonic breakfast. That was enough for me. Kid time over. We got back to the booth with grass in our hair, the legs of our pants wet with from the moisture of the grass and totally out of breath. Patrick was bummed he didn’t have a camera! I’m happy he didn’t!

Reality hit when we arrived home tonight to discover that our house looks like Hurricane Ivan passed through. In order to complete all that handpainted stock, a few things had to suffer during the past week – like the dishes, laundry and all around general maintenance. So we (well, not me at this moment) are now going through each room like CSI agents, sans the plastic body suits.

I can honestly say I don’t want to see a paintbrush, tube of glue or even a can of varnish for at least seven days! And my neck has a weird kink in it.

But it was all worth it!
peace, respect & glitter.
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