Seven Days

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in seven days. Just ask God, He created the Earth in about that much time, right?
Well, Patrick and I didn’t quite get that far, but we did put our art studio in overdrive the past seven days.

Tomorrow is day one of Spanish Market. It’s at the Heard Museum and it showcases more than 70 Hispanic artists from AZ and NM. It is our biggest show all year! We’ve built a steady following it seems. Every year at the end of the show as we are driving home, we vow to start building up stock over the summer. It never works out that way. Summer used to be our slow time, but these past couple years have been very steady.

So here we are the night before the big event, with only seven days worth of handcrafted/hand painted merch:
24 crosses
12 chunky jewlery boxes
50 magnets
50 glass ornaments
30 bracelets
25 necklaces
10 paintings (we had some of those built up!)
6 barstools
2 small tables
20 shrine kits
8 sculptures
2 shadow boxes

I had just got my second wind tonight, ready to dive into some small shadow boxes when a devastating tragedy happened. I was working on high speed, Mr. Roboto mode, when I lost my focus for a split sec and accidentally dropped a HUGE dollap of hot glue on my left index finger. I quickly submerged my it in my paint water, but it didn’t help. It’s in the exact spot where I rest my paintbrush when I paint and my pencil when I write. I was in so much pain from the fresh blister that I had to turn off the lights and call it a night.

But I’m happy, I made some cool stuff, so did Patrick. I hope people like it all enough to buy it. I’m a tad worried because there is a 30% chance of rain tomorrow. Must look on bright side: If we get rained out, at least we will have a head start on Christmas stock, right?

Oh my gosh, I just realized my entire hands are covered in dried paint. My nails are ugly looking! Must go tidy up before bed so I can have a fresh start in the morning for the big weekend.

Wish us luck!
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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