The biggest loser: Adios Matt

I’m sad. My favorite contestant, Matt Kamont, got bumped last night on The Biggest Loser. I got a lump in my throat when Caroline Rhea announced his name and then turned the light out in his fridge.

His teammates were just plain jealous. He was always happy, upbeat, motivated – and always the one who lost the most pounds at the weekly weigh-in. He was the first to fend off the cupcake challenge. He didn’t even flinch – just plain stepped back, while the others drooled just by looking at the icing that probably wasn’t even butter cream!

AND he would have finished that 74 story stair climb if it weren’t for his partner, drama queen Lisa, freaking out when she got to the 32nd floor.

When it was all over, she tried to blame my sweet little Matt for her failure. Just look at the expression on her face!

Did I mention Lisa was the first one who wanted to eat the cupcakes at the previous challenge?

In the end, Matt cried at the news, which made me tear up too (doesn’t take much). However, he did get the last bite! They showed a current picture of him, and he has lost 68 pounds to date! I was going to make Matt a “weigh to go” pocket shrine and send it to him, but I’m thinking he would probably want me to go work out myself.

So in honor of Matt, I’m going to go work out today and work up a sweat, just like him! I figure, a lot of those folks are much bigger than me and if they can hang with massive gym sessions, so can I!

I don’t care what critics say about this show. It has motivated me more than ever! Now to go find my sneakers…
peace, respect & glitter.
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