Breathe in. Breathe out.

It’s been a rough week. Not tragic, just lots of bummer news. Not to sound like Debbie Downer or anything, but I hate it when I get all psyched up for the holidays and then weird stuff happens.

I’m working on this tamale story about my dad and my uncle. It’s so hard to write about family! I spent hours on it, kept redoing it over and over. I sent it to the writing coach (great guy!!) my editor assigned to me for this project. He sent it back to me with oodles of red comments. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got into writing in the first place! But I’m ready to tackle it tomorrow with a good attitude. I’m lucky to have a writing coach like Scott to help me make this story the best it can be.

I went to the doctor and left feel like a used car! I have to go back for two more appts for tests, plus two other appts for other things. Geez, I’m not even 40 yet! What’s the deal?

The most crushing news *Hand clutched to heart* was when Patrick called me at work to tell me a producer called from the CC2C show on HGTV. They are coming to Phoenix, finally! When the show was first being cast last year, a producer guy contacted me for names of hip artists around the country and I happily sent a bunch of contacts. They skipped Phx, but said they would be here if the season got renewed and that Patrick and I were at the top of the list. It’s always been at the back of my mind. So a couple months back I heard that they were coming here and I sent our info in again, just to be safe. We LOVE the show and watch it faithfully.

So I called her back today, my heart beating a mile a minute, and she was very sweet and told me they got everything – loved it – but unfortunately they couldn’t feature us and our art because we had “too much press” and they wanted more undiscovered crafters. I was soooo sad. I eat, breathe, sleep and dream crafts. I felt like we were being penalized for hanging in there for so long and being overly ambitious with our high gloss varnish and glitter.

*Soap box rant* Patrick and I have worked so hard with what we do and our Latino art. We’ve always dreamed of sharing it with the world, especially HGTV! We’ve been getting little press bread crumbs here and there over the past decade (Latina Magazine, Gourmet, Sunset) and we are so grateful.

What I think is weird is that other people they have featured on the show have GOBS of press from BIG magazines like Elle Girl, Budget Living, Jane, YM, New York, Nylon, Lucky, Daily Candy…So I don’t get it. Maybe our stuff is too weird or kitschy…However, I am very happy they are spotlighting Phoenix, and I really hope they chose some cool artists who have unique things to share. Phoenix has so much to offer!! I think everything is finalized so I’m sending them my blessing and good vibes. I know stuff like this happens for a reason, and I’m cool with that! I thought it was very kind for the producer to give me a courtesy call with the info, very professional!!

I have to say thank you to my amiga, Jenny in Austin. I wrote her right after I hung up with the producer, teetering on a breakdown tearfest at work. She shot me an emergency email right back with all kinds of empowering, smart positive words of advice. She really made me feel better!

Actually now I feel like a complete idiot whining about a craft show. I just remembered that a lovely artist friend of mine is dealing with a second bout of cancer. Please send her good wishes to be strong and to get healthy….

I have to end this on an upbeat note before I go to bed.

Good things that happened today:

– Everyone I love is happy and healthy, that’s all that counts!
– I overheard DeAngelo & Maya sharing goofy riddles today (they are usually bickering!).
– We had a fire drill at work, I was stressing on my tamale story before leaving for the doctor and the fire drill chief let me stay and work on it while everyone else had to climb down 8 flights of stairs!
– The wait at the doctor’s office was quick!
– I made some sparkly beaded garland for the tree tonight!
– Patrick cooked a yummy, healthy dinner!
– Um…
– Oh! I almost ran out of laundry detergent, but had just enough for one more load.

Nighty night!
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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