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The cake turned out ultra fantabulous. I made it with regular cake mix, pudding, chocolate chips and then i frosted the middle with pudding mixed with Cool Whip. On the outside i used fudge frosting. On top I did another layer of the pudding/Cool Whip mixture, sprinkled walnuts and then drizzled melted chocolate on top. It rocked. I had a bite.

After the party I went shopping and got 90% of my gifts. I bumped into my sister in the housewares aisle. She had just left the party too and needed to do 90% of her shopping too. We crusied our carts together in unison and approved and vetoed eachothers gifts, not only for family members but for each of us.

“Do you want the regular Trivial Pursuit or the DVD version?” she asked me.

“Can I see both boxes?”, I replied.

She handed me the boxes and we stood in the aisle reading the labels for a few minutes. It was such a difficult decision! A funny feeling came over me. Like i could feel eyeballs burning into my back. I slowly turned around…

“Excuse me, can I get through?!” this crabby lady said.

“I’ll take the DVD version,” I told Theresa. I handed her the boxes and scooted my cart out of the way. Theresa then began reading the boxes. “This one looks cool”, she said non chalantly.

I had to tell her this lady needed to get through. The lady rolled her eyes at us and Theresa quickly shuffled to the other end of the row.

We got to the checkout. I watched as Theresa’s stuff got rang up. Right as the lady lifted the retail gun to scan the label on my Trivial Pursuit, I realized I didn’t want it. i wanted bed sheets!

“Is it too late to change my mind?” I asked in a cheery perky tone.

“Put the game back please,” Theresa deadpanned to the cashier. She shot me piercing mean sister look.

“Thanks a lot Kathy,” she told me. “Now I have one more trip to make tomorrow. On second thought – you are getting a gift card.”

“One gift card for 40 bucks please,” she told the cashier.

Ahhhh, I love Christmas!

Love & light,

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