Weekend wrap

Wow. It really does feel like the Christmas season now. Here in Phx, it’s so cold you need a credit card to scrape the frost off your car windows! I can’t imagine what it must be like to live where it snows. My friend Jaye was just here from Michigan and she said they get five feet every day!

Saturday was the world debut of the Phoenix Fridas, a women’s artsy business collective me and some friends have put together. We were so excited for our first “outing”. Four out of the seven of us arrived to Alice’s Restaurant at 10 am sharp. We set up our tables of our wares, buttoned up our jackets and ooo-ed and ahhh-ed at eachother’s works. It was FREEZING and the sharp winds kept blowing all our stuff over. We felt it was worth it to brave the harsh winter weather conditions for the sake of our art – and our mission.

We were *so* ready to count out change with our frosty fingers, shiver as we wheeled and dealed on prices. We had a great spot, right on 7th Ave. where a gazillion cars fly by each second. It was pure gravy!

The only thing missing was customers. No one came by, just a few friendly faces to offer support. It was too damn cold and overcast. By noon we packed up and left for home. It was just in time because it began to rain and has yet to stop.

So it was an inspiring *soft* launch of the Phoenix Fridas.

Leticia, one of the PF’s said it best:

“Well at least we can say today was the ashes we rose up from…”

I like that! Except it was actually more of a puddle that we emerged from. We’re not giving up though. It was a blast to hang out together and we are planning something more organized and less chilly in the spring. My heart goes out to Keri, who drove all the way from Wickenburg, only to see that we had all left!! We are such wimps.

Today was much more productive. Patrick and I have been getting gobs of orders and I spent all of tonight cranking them out. So much left to do on other things, I’m trying not to stress. But I do wish the days were longer. Why, oh why do I volunteer for so many things? If I didn’t life would be boring, I guess…

Have a happy Monday!
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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