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Crafty Diva’s Lifestyle Makeover Book

Here’s the cover, it comes out in May!
It’s a follow up to the last book I did. It’s a craft book for girls 8-13. This is my fourth title (second for YA market). The Crafty Diva series is doing really well. The first book is already going on its third edition. It got released last May, and by June they had already signed it onto a series! I hope this one kicks crafty booty too!
My whole goal was to inspire young girls to spice up their life and try things they haven’t done before. It has all kinds of info on redoing their room, trying new foods, clothing combos, trying new music, fashion design and even how to start a crafty business. Can you tell I’m thrilled???
You can pre-order on Amazon, although they have some incorrect info for the summary, the ISBN is correct. Yee haw!!
peace, respect & glitter.
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