Floating orbs???

Ghosts freak me out. This week I took a bunch of pictures during the tiling process. This one of the bunch came out with all these little white dots floating in the air. I took more pictures and it only seems to happen when I use the flash. Ever heard of this before? I tried magnifying the image to see if I could make out faces in the dots, ala Poltergeist. Nada.

I showed my friend Michelle, who is an experienced ghosthunter and she said they are little orbs – or balls of energy, and my snapshot captured them.

“You’re happy here, right? Nothing bad has ever happened in this house? Don’t worry about it. They are your Aztec Warrior Angels, Kathy,” she said.

But ever since I noticed this picture, strange occurrences have taken place. Weird things. Things that make me not want to glance in the bathroom mirror with the lights turned off. It’s probably my mind playing tricks on me. Or is it?

Tonight…the dial tone on the phone kept going on and off. And then my high-speed internet slowed down to the pace of a granny at a grocery store. I immediately called Theresa to tell her my house was haunted. I hadn’t seen glowing red pig eyes yet or encountered any buzzing flies, but I wasn’t about to hang out until I did. I shared my eerie events and all she said was: “Call the cable company.”

God! Sweet Mother of Mosaics! I hate it when she does that! I called Cox and apparently, there was an *outage* in my area. Whatever. I bet the orbs did it!

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Look at my doggy, Bianca. Doesn’t she look like she is tip-toeing around the orbs? And BTW? The skeleton art pieces are leftover Dia de los Muertos items we have lingering around the house…I know it all ties in somehow.

Love & light,

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