One week to go

Well, one week of my vacation has passed, but at least it’s been a productive one. All I did was sleep, eat and write. It felt so cool to pretend to be a full-time stay-at-home novelist!

This week will be a major contrast. Our tile comes in Tuesday, which means since yesterday we’ve been prepping the floors for it (pulling up ugly carpet, etc). We finally got all of the linoleum up and I plan to post a “how we did it” column here. All I can say is it took some great CDs, three bottles of Krud Kutter and about 20 razor blades. Actually, that Krud Kutter stuff was very nifty. I wish I could spray it on certain people 🙂

Yesterday was a wild card day. DeAngelo and I took Nana to the grocery store. Later on when I came home, we all pigged out on Mexican food and then Maya popped Funny Girl in the DVD player. ALL night she was standing on the couch belting out songs like People and Don’t Rain on My Parade, wearing her sweats, a boa and using the broom as her mic stand. This morning I woke up to Patrick watching one of his favorite films, To Sir With Love. DeAngelo is going to see Elektra today with a friend. We all have such different tastes here! I’m not doing movies today. I’m headed back to the art room for a 10 hour painting session. We have a healthy stack of orders, plus I just feel like creating with my hands, instead of typing with them.

But I’m not about to stop my book, I’ve been working on it until 3 am every every morning and can hardly wait until tonight to get back on it. However, The Surreal Life, Project Runway AND The Golden Globes are on today. Thank God for TiVo because I need to finish my stuff! My novel has 32 chapters and I’ve polished the first seven – and that was all in one week.

It’s so strange for me, because with my artwork, I work at a much faster pace, and then I’m thrilled with the end result. With writing fiction, I keep going back over what I wrote and tweaking it over and over. It’s all new to me so I haven’t really picked up a pattern and am too embarrassed to ask other novelists I know because I’ve already bombarded them with so many other goofy questions!

That reminds me! I have to tell you about the wonderful Mary Castillo. She is a romance writer and her first novel comes out next month. It’s called Hot Tamara, and it’s an adorable love story that will make you laugh and cry! Watch for it!

Alrighty! Off to start week two of my vacay. Hope it’s a good one!
peace, respect & glitter.
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