OK. I *supposedly* have all these important things to do that will impact the future of my life. So what do I choose to do? reformat my blog! Story of my life, always distracted by something!

I couldn’t help it, the kids did this to me. I sent them out to pull weeds in the front lawn a bit ago, and they agreed, no prob. I was thinking how lucky I was to have such nice, diligent and responsible children. I love them so much that I thought I’d go peek to admire them from afar.

Instead of pulling the weeds in the way I had so meticulously instructed them – I caught the little stinkers using the rakes to rip the tops of the weeds off so they could get the job done faster!! They figured it would look like they pulled them all and mommy would never notice. Hello? I was a kid too, I remember trying the same trick – and not getting busted!

Their swindling actions reminded me of the time when they were 4 and 6, and I told them to go to bed early because they were acting up. “Would you like a foot rub Mommy? They asked in unison. Because footrubs are my weakness, I was like, “Sure!” They massaged my feet until I was knocked out cold. I awoke hours later to find them in the family room eating a bag of Oeros and watching Cartoon Network. “Hi Mommy! Have a nice nap?” they said, like innocent angels.

While cleaning things out for all these remodeling projects we have going on, I came across this (see below). It is from a few years back when Patrick modeled for a Fender Catalog. He’s so cute!

OK, Now I’m going in the art room to get busy!

peace, respect & glitter.
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