Sundance, 9-5 & bubblegum liquid pain medicine

Didn’t make it to Sundance this week?

Neither did I. Oh well. At least we can peek at’s daily blog to get the scoop. I love reading about the buzz of certain films, although it sucks to have to wait for them to open in Phoenix. Some take forever!

Today was my first day back to work and at first I kinda dreaded it. That all changed when I got in the office. Everyone is so nice and they all welcomed me back. I got my first assignment – a story on desserts! And then I went to Sanctuary Resort to interview Jamie Kennedy and ended the day shopping for craft supplies and making my project for Saturday’s column. I love my day job! It slows down the book writing process, but it is well worth it!

Real quick – I have to share a cute DeAngelo story. He is a freshman in high school this year, thinks he’s all bad, won’t let me choose his clothes for school anymore, has a set of iPod earphones permanently glued to his head…well, tonight he asked me to buy him some pain medicine because he wasn’t feeling good. But it was the way he said it that turned him back into my little runny-nosed travesito in diapers.

DeAngelo: “Mommy, will you get me some medicine at the store? I don’t feel good and we’re all out.
Me: We’re not out, we have a bottle of Tylenol.
DeAngelo: No, we’re out of the little kid’s kind. The liquid drink kind.
Me: You’re still my baby, you still can’t swallow a pill!
DeAngelo: Mommy! Don’t tease me! …Can you get Bubblegum flavor?

DeAngelo, macho stud-in-training still has not mastered the art of swallowing a pill. He gags and chokes and really makes an embarrassing scene. When he broke his arm over the summer at math camp (yes, math camp), he refused pain medication in the emergency room because he was too embarrassed to ask for the liquid stuff. I asked for him. After we got home, the doctor accidentally gave him pain pills. We tried smashing them in a spoon, serving them inside a Twinkie, dissolving them in a glass of Kool-Aid…nothing worked!

It sounds goofy…but I don’t mind at all buying him bubblegum liquid. When he does eventually ask for actual pills, I’ll know he has grown up 🙁
peace, respect & glitter.
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