Taking a break from the linoleum

Even though Patrick came up with a spectacular method to removing the stuff from our kitchen floor, it is still a HUGE, painful job.

Even though we are working in shifts and hope to have the job completed by the weekend, it SUCKS taking it off!

Even though the reward of beautiful faux-saltillo ceramic tile is only a few days away, I keep questioning why we are putting ourselves through this. I went to get a drink of water and I noticed my cup was shaking because my hands were trembling from so much labor!

So because of these “even thoughs”, I’d just like to pass along a little advice to those of you are are *considering* the thought of putting the vinyl stuff in your home.


Because even if you have no plans of ever removing it, chances are someday you will sell your house and the nice family of four that buys it may want to ditch it for something else. Don’t do this to them. The stuff is nasty and stinky and taking it off causes back, shoulder and knuckle pain.

I’m trying to make this a positive experience by feeding my soul at the same time. I’m listening to the digital cable reggae station that’s playing all socially/spiritually conscious tunes about giving love and joining the revolution of peace and righteousness. It’s working! I was pounding the mallet to the one-drop without even thinking about it. I love reggae so much. Sigh…

Alrighty then. Tangent over. Break over. I’m going back in because my workstation awaits! Peace out for now.

Love & light,

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