Christmas Card with Pull-Off Ornament

Make this and then tack it to the front of a blank greeting card!

Every year I used to scour retail stores in the quest to find the perfect box of holiday cards to send to friends and family.
These days, I ditch the manufactured route and make my own.
I thought of how nifty it would be to make a card that not only relayed my personal yuletide greeting but also served as an artsy tree ornament. I wanted to create a batch of silver stars and hearts but flinched at the price of a roll of lightweight tin at the craft store.
While I was standing in the baking supply aisle at the grocery store, my light bulb went off. I picked up a package of disposable aluminum cookie sheets and examined every inch of them. When I made it home (and put the groceries away) I trimmed off the edging to discover the center of the cookie sheet was comparable to the expensive stuff at the craft store. One package of two sheets was enough for my whole batch of cards, and then some.
Here’s the deal: Use the cookie sheet to make dozens of one-of-a-kind ornaments, then attach them to the fronts of the blank note cards. The receiver will be able to gush at your card, then pop off the ornament and hang it on the tree.
Tip: Don’t use the cookie sheets if you have already baked on them.

What you need:
Blank note cards
Disposable aluminum cookie sheet (no grooves)
Ball-point pen
Glue stick
Faux jewels (optional)
Hole punch
Ink stamps, stickers or paint pens
How to make it: Cut outer rim off cookie sheet and throw away (be careful of sharp edges). Cut remaining aluminum into squares that measure smaller than the note cards, then cut out a variety of shapes, such as circles, hearts and stars. Use the ball-point pen to “draw” designs in the tin. If you feel like adding a bit more flair, glue on “jewels” or wire mesh, or paint. Punch hole at the top and tie ribbon for hanging. Set aside.
Decorate the borders of note cards and envelopes with ink stamps, stickers or paint (use a paint pen). Write personal greeting inside with a note telling receiver about the pull-off ornament.
Use a dab of glue to attach tin ornament to front of card. Let dry.
Enclose in envelope and deliver.
Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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Love & light,

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