Recharged and refreshed.

Nothing is worth killing yourself for! I decided to stop working and have fun for a couple days.

After staying up until 3 am Thursday, Friday I came home from work, excited and exhausted. My agent called earlier in the day with some exciting news of good things to come. But it’s going to take a lot of work on my end in a short amount of time. So what did I do when I arrived to my comfy castle? I napped! Later in the night I took the kids to see Patrick sing at a concert. It was at a downtown coffeehouse with a Native American band called Clan Destine. They invited Patrick out to perform with them for the night. Since he’s been flying solo in the studio for the past six months, he jumped at the chance.

Aside from the elderly man that had a heart attack during set two, it was a blast. The firemen came and took care of him – he collapsed from a diabetic crash. The whole place was nervously waiting as he lay on the floor, surrounded by firemen. Finally we saw his two index fingers point in the air, each with a little red electronic clip on top. It was his way of letting us know that he was back in action! He sprang up and cheered for the band to take the stage again but the concerned firemen made him go home.

The kids thought it was an exciting night. They were the youngest ones there and the crowd was very laid back and friendly. The band held a limbo contest but DeAngelo and Maya were too chicken to go for it. Also being the shortest ones there, they totally could have won! All four of us left around 1 am and crashed until 11 in the morning.

Yesterday I hung out at the mall with Maya – indulging in pretzels with fake cream cheese, cinnabons with gooey centers, thirstbuster size coffee drinks and Old Navy shopping bags. The only snag of the day was DeAngelo. He went with a friend to the movies and the arrangements got mixed up as to how they were to get home. For about two hours in the evening, I had no idea where he was. With him being 14 and a freshman, I was like “Oh my God, this is it! The turning point for trouble! He’s at the park, joining a gang, drinking St. Ides, getting a tattoo of a cross with flames on his ankle!”

At 7 he called me from the mall. I went to pick him up, only to see that he and his friend had spent the whole time playing DDR – Dance Dance Revolution. “Sorry Mommy!” DeAngelo said. “But me and Tony, we had a crowd watching us, I couldn’t break away!”

So he’s a nerdy bad boy. That, I can handle!

OK, last funny thing of the weekend. Today I had an interview with Dave Matthews over the phone. He was supposed to call at a certain time. He did call, but he called my cell phone by accident. Patrick was right by it so he answered. He’s like: “Hello. Who’s this? Oh, hey Dave! Yah she’s here. She’s waiting for you to call on the land line. OK, later bro, take care…”

And then Dave Matthews called me on the land line. The scene was almost as funny as the time Jimmy Smits called for an interview while we were eating dinner. I forgot to tell Patrick I was expecting the call. He answered the phone while I was buttering him a piece of bread to go with his steak and salad. He took the bread from my hand, handed me the reciever and said, “It’s for you. It’s Jimmy Smits.”

Love & light,

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