Robbed in the embroidery aisle!

I was robbed today at the craft store.

I’ve always been an across-the chest-strap bags-wearing kind of chica. It’s a habit I picked up ever since I first visited Europe and my dad warned me about handbag snatchers. Plus, across-the-chest strap bags are just so convenient. I love the hands-free factor and the fact that the pouch hangs on the front of my hip – always in my sight.

However, last month when I was going to Atlanta for a trade show, I decided to upgrade in my fashion choices and go with an expensive big black granny bag. It was the worst time ever to make the switch. That bag was just one more thing for me to lug around! I still use the bag now and even though I love how it looks, it’s a challenge when I go grocery or craft store shopping. Because my mom once had her bag stolen right from the seat area of the shopping cart, I thought I was playing it safe by *stuffing* my new bag under the seat area in the main area of the cart. Apparently not.

So… tonight I went to Michael’s to pick up some embroidery stuff. I was deep in thought – juggling all the possibilities of satin ribbon vs. metallic blending thread, yadda, yadda, yadda. I leave the aisle, push the cart up the main aisleway to go pay, and “BAM!” something heavy hits my calf, by my ankle. I looked down and it was my wallet!

Totally dumbfounded, I picked it up and looked to make sure my checkbook and credit cards were there. They were. I was so confused how it could have jumped from my handbag under the seat of the cart, to hitting me in the leg. I paid for my items with my debit card, walked out, got in the car and opened the cash compartment and my cash was gone.

I returned home, called Michaels and they told me I was lucky that I even got my wallet back. They had another incident within the SAME time period I was there. A lady complained that she had her wallet stolen and she didn’t have the luxury of being pelted in the leg with it like I did.

Needless to say: screw fashion. I’m going back to my old school bag. That way, at least I can shop for my embroidery thread in peace.

Love & light,

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