Robbery update

This is why we have spouses: they make us laugh when we feel like crying.

After I called Michaels, and then blogged about my traumatic ordeal, Patrick and I reviewed the whole episode. He gave me the “always be on guard, the whole world is the hood” speech. After we were all reasoned out, he goes:

“Is that what you wore to the craft store?”

Holds palm of hand facing out
First let me say that I’m on this severe rush to finish my book by deadline AND finish some designs for the Michaels craft book, both due next week. I haven’t really had time to keep up on superficial duties like my hair, my clothes, etc. I haven’t even done my laundry (I did the kids and Patrick’s, but not mine). For the past two days, I’ve slept, typed and crafted in the same outfit.

So after he asks me this, I look down at my attire. I’m wearing my flexy paint pants, a t-shirt I made that says “craftaholic” across the chest and my hair is, um, well – it looks like I just woke up from sleeping on a park bench. But I did have my red lipstick on!

“Um, yeah, this is what I wore. Why? Got a problem with it?”

He goes, “You look like a craftaholic. Look at the paint splatters on your pants, and the glitter smear on your forearm. You look like you’ve been binge crafting all day and night. You must have been easy prey. It was like robbing a drunk person at a bar, you were so entranced with choosing your crafty cocktails, you had no clue to what was going on around you. But I wonder why they would give you back your wallet and keep the other lady’s. How much money did you have in there?”


“No wonder they threw your wallet back at you! They probably opened it and said, What? The Crafty Chica only has $24 bucks on her?! Here, you can have it back! Take that!

peace, respect & glitter.
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