Makin’ a livin’

golly, it seems like forever since i’ve posted! things have been so busy that i’ve really had prioritize my time. hmmm, let me think, where did i last leave off? well our break from producing art orders in march took its toll this month in time and finances this month! we’ve spent the last few weeks making art to fill our orders and getting our wholesale buyers stocked. we are now selling our work in alb, new mexico, did i mention that before?

lots of book stuff going on, and two tv projects in the works. one is for a guest star new show on the diy network and the other is an inquiry from an english language latino production company (yay!) that loves the concept of crafty chica. but i’m not getting excited, i’ve been through this kind of stuff previously and well, here i am, same as before! but that doesn’t mean i’m not writing it off, i like to stay positive!

the phoenix fridas now have a cyber casa. i put it together this weekend. it’s nothign fancy and still has a lot of growing to do, but at least it’s up. this group has taken off sooo fast. we’ve been together nine months now and we have all kinds of events booked.

*WHINE ALERT*: this morning was kind of weird. maybe it’s pms coming on, but geez, do you ever feel like you are being pulled in all these different directions and you stop one moment and think “and… what is the big picture again?”. i see other people relaxing, goofing around and spending empty calorie time on guilty pleasures. and i run by waving, “hi. bye. gotta go, i’m busy trying to make my dreams come true!”.

so this morning while i’m driving, i’m thinking of all this, feeling like crap. feeling useless and like a failure. i begin to get really pissed at the people around me that constantly demand things from me and take my energy for granted. i think of things i’ve missed out on because of all these chores i put upon myself. it’s like, after all this time, i can see what i want and it’s right over there *finger points*. It’s so close I caould throw a ball of yarn at it and hit it. but – I look down and there is a huge steep valley that i have to get through first. *sigh*

anyway, i’m deep in this pity party, not aware of anything that is around me. i think of how hard i’ve been working around the clock, and then i smack the steering wheel that i’m not living a cushy lifestyle yet. money has never been my main motivation, but someday i’d like to send the kids to college AND live life as a full time writer/artist, benefits covered and all that. will i ever be one of the people that doesn’t stress out over the rise in gas prices (even though they went down a few cents today)?

finally, on the squaw peak freeway at 9:25 am, coming back from taking my nana to 7:30 mass, i threw my hands in the air, just like jennifer love hewitt did in “I Know What You Did Last Summer “. i yelled to the suede ceiling – “gimme a (cuss word) sign already! should i just give up, go work at the city, and retire there?”

and the next song came up on my iPod (it was on shuffle!). no kidding. it was sade’s “when am i gonna make a living” and it made me cry happy tears. it could have been chance, but i’d like to think it was a sign from the art goddesses and muses floating above the same path that i happened to be traveling on at that very moment.

when am I gonna make a living
Ooh it’s gonna take a while before I give in
See the people fussing and thieving
While is sharks are wheeling and dealing
Got to wake up and tell yourself
There’s no end to what you can do
They’ll waste your body and soul
If you allow them to

This is the time
To start believing in yourself
Put the blame on no one else

When am I gonna make a living
Ooh it’s gonna take a while before I give in
See the people fussing and stealing
Too many lies no one is achieving

Haven’t I told you, before
We’re hungry for a life we can’t afford
There’s no end to what you can do
If you give yourself a chance ,to prove

We’re hungry but we won’t give in

Ooh there’s no end to what we can do
They’ll waste your body and soul if you allow them to
Ooh start believing in yourself
Put the blame on no one else

When am I gonna make a living
Ooh it’s gonna take a while before I give in
I’m sick and tired of scratching a living
I’m hungry but I’m not gonna give in

Hungry but we won’t give in
Hungry but we’re gonna win

OK, now share YOUR favorite *pick me up* song! I’ll add it to my playlist!

peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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