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There are gobs of congrats in order! I’m the kind of person that feeds off of positive people and posiitive things. This week began a tad frumpy, but now it’s taken such a vibrant turn for the better! So much good news!

First off – the lovely Mary Castillo sold her third book to Avon! I had talked with her a while back and we were chatting about how she left her job to do writng full time. She said “I wished I had sold one more book before I quit, just to be safe.” But she didn’t wait. She believed in herself and her talent, and took the plunge. Just this week, she sold that third book. Here’s Mary’s blurb:Mary Castillo’s SWITCHCRAFT, about two best friends – one with the perfect marriage and the perfect child and the other with the perfect swinging single, size four life – who unintentionally trade bodies at a retreat and realize as they live each other’s lives that perfection is all about perspective

And then there is the gorgeous Janice Taylor of Our Lady of Weight Loss.com who sold her first book. It’s based on her web site. Way to go Janice! I still haven’t lost weight (no fault of hers, it’s MY fault!), but I look forward to her newsletter, it’s so uplifting and funny!!!! When I do get on my healthy eating roll, I know her newsletter will keep me focused. Here’s the blurb on it:
Janice Taylor’s OUR LADY OF WEIGHT LOSS’S KICK IN THE TUSH CLUB: Miraculous Musings and Motivations from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal, a quirky blend of weight loss inspiration, tips, and upbeat witticisms to cheerlead and sustain dieters on their weight loss journey, based on the website of the same name.

My dear friend Laurie Notaro has a new book that came out days ago. Check it out, it’s hilarious!

And just last night I had the cyber pleasure of meeting Addy Perez-Mau of Heaven Sent Jewelry.com. She designs and makes jewelry for all kinds of celebrities!

The good news keeps coming, I love it!!
peace, respect & glitter.
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