Surprise gift: A room makeover

For months I’ve been wanting to redo my bedroom. I’ve read feng shui books and have the exact vision and structure of what I want. But by the time I get through my weekly to-do list, I’m pooped and time has run out!

Every night when I go to bed, just before I say my prayers and after I give thanks – I let out a big bummer sigh because my living quarters are as inspiring as a field of dry weeds in July. This is the room I spend the most time in, it should be my little sancuary, my retreat, my cozy cove. I’ve spent the last few months writing a book about how to build a cozy cove – relaying my visual dream into words. But I can’t even carry it out myself? Granted, this room WAS once a cozy cove, it just hasn’t been spruced up in a while. I know, there are worse things I could have to complain about!

Today I came home from work, walked in my room and…Patrick had pulled an Extreme Makeover Bedroom Edition on me! He moved the furniture all around, hung up some gorgeous Indian saris that I bought last year (still crisp in packages, waiting for the room redux that never came until now), he set up a little inspiration/reading area and made a little writing corner.

I love it! In fact, I love it so much I’m going to take it all down!

Because now I want to paint the walls this weekend, and then put everything back the way he set it up. I think my favorite part about this surprise is that HE did it. Like a little gift outta nowhere. The spirit of the place has Patrick’s energy…Sorry to get all Shirley MacLaine on you, but I’m serious! I’m doing a happy dance!

Often times the best, most meaningful gifts aren’t about money or labels – they are about time and TLC!

Love & light,

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