Stretching too thin

The last month has been nuts! It was the last leg of pulling my book together. It’s the biggest and best book ever that I’ve done. It’s like Budget Living, Latina/BUST and Chicken Soup for the Soul for chicas all rolled into one! The last two weeks were the hardest, getting all the projects over to the photographer,helping Patrick design the illos, and of course finishing writing the book!

Last week I took vacation time so I could work at the computer and stay focused. It was the one week in my whole motherhood life that everyone had strict orders to pretend I was out of town. Maya made me little red and green signs to hang on the doorknob. DeAngelo let me borrow his iPod. Patrick had to help the kids with homework, cook, do laundry, errands, all that stuff, while I stayed chained to my work station.

I got in such a groove – a spell is more like it – that I didn’t shower, do my hair, wear makeup or converse with anyone for the WHOLE week. Gross! Not because I was lazy – but because those were valuable minutes that I could spend on making the the book the best it could be. ¿Los sacrificios, no? It was all about writing and re-writing until I was crossed-eyed. I drank Quad mochas every day, a couple days I had six espressos because the usual four wasn’t giving me the energy buzz I needed. At one point, Wednesday, I think, I felt little rubber bands snapping up my left arm. I got mildly freaked, took a nap and then got back on the horse. No more mochas after that.

FINALLY, deadline day came – Friday. I read over everything one last time and sent it all over. As soon as I saw that my email went through, I raised my arms in the air, cheered and then broke down in happy years. It was my Amazing Race finish line moment! I showered, did my hair, got dressed up, Patrick gave me some bubbly and I konked out until the next morning.

Saturday I spent with the kids catching up on everything. A lot happened while I was in book purgatory. DeAngelo shaved his legs (???). Maya got hit in the ankle at softball practice. Patrick played April Fools jokes on them. I missed all this! Later in the evening, I prepped all our tax papers, started laundry and had a movie marathon with the kids. It was hot, so I put my top sheet in the freezer to use later, and then forgot about it.

Got up at 6:30 this morning to take my Nana to church. After mass we went for breakfast. I arrive home, walk in the door and Patrick says: “I think you are over working yourself. I found your sheets in the freezer.”

“No”, I explained “I meant to do that.”

“I don’t EVEN want to know the story behind that!” he says.

“You think I’m weird?” I say. “Our 14-year-old son shaved his legs!”

We all go outside to do hardcore lawn work. I get sunburned, face as red as a lobster on the 4th of July. I come in the house, do more laundry (sort fold, hang), and begin to bake cupcakes for my Nana’s birthday party which is at 4 pm. I’m now heading to the shower. When I get out, I have this fabulous idea for stenciling Nana’s initial on each cupcake with spray-on frosting. Actually, I think I’m too tired to do that. But it would have looked really cool.

On a side note – I want to give props to my fellow Sucia amigas/authors Alisa and Kyra who spent time rallying this weekend in Salinas, CA, where the government is going to close down ALL the local libraries due to lack of funding. Please read Alisa’s blog posts and become enlightened on this. It’s so sad that this is happening. I wish I could have been there with my kids and husband to help la causa
peace, respect & glitter.
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