You can’t hurry when shopping for craft supplies!

“Hurry.” said my sister, Theresa, this afternoon as I pulled into Diane Ribbon and Notions.

“I’ll try!” I replied as I lept out of the car.

Theresa and I have been carpooling this week. Today after work, I had to make an emergency stop at the craft store for the usual must-have grocery items: spray varnish, industrial-strength glue, 3×5 polybags and bracelet blanks. The topper of my list? 7mm crystal acrylic gems.

Diane Ribbon and Notions is a HUGE warehouse of craft supplies. At wholesale prices. I’m talking hardcore stuff here. Squeeze paint for .65 a bottle. Delta Ceramcoat for .90 a bottle. My beloved glue for 2.65 a tube!

I seriously tried to run through the places and not look at any of the items on the shelves, but I couldn’t help it (“Ooooo, they have a new stock of mini-mirrors!”). For the most part, I did a good job and gathered my items. The finale was when I swung my cart around to the acrylic gem area.

Gasp! They were out of 7mm crystal gems! The next size up is 11 mm, but I’ve never used those before. This was a trying artistic dilemma for sure! My right brain and my left brain began a heated conversation:

“Just get 11 mm, try something new, you might have a breakthrough!”
“No, time is short, just get 7mm yellow.”
“Better yet, get 7mm, purple and yellow.”
“But they are $3 a pop, and you only need a few.”

Finally, I left the store with almost a 100 bucks worth of supplies. And 7 mm yellow acrylic gems. I was so proud of my speed. Normally I’m in that store for at least 90 minutes. I got in the car and Theresa was melting like a Popsicle.

“See? I hurried!” I said, smiling and proud.
“That was 30 minutes!” she sneered.
“Wanna see what I bought?”

For those of you crafty types, do you ever feel like you live in an alternate universe? Why don’t these earthlings understand the thrill and joy that goes into things like shopping for acrylic gems? Don’t they know what they are missing out on? Why couldn’t she have said something like:

“Wow, that was fast, sis! Only half an hour to choose from all those marvelous art supplies? You must have made some swift, wise decisions. Please, oh please! Share the treasures, I’m dying to see!”

*Sigh*…I’ll have to think about this some more when I’m in the art room tonight.

P.S. I interviewed Xzibit this week. Nice guy!
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