Thanks Mary, Kyra and Marcela!

Today I hit a weird glitch. Last night I got wind of another writer that sold a book with a similar idea to mine. I FREAKED! I thought it was time to throw in the towel and get back to what should be my normal reality. Not the reality where I fantasize about walking into a book store to be greeted by a towering display of hardbacks with my name on the cover.

I panicked and sent a 911 message out to my literary amigas and got the best advice and support. More than I expected. At the end of the day, I can see I’m really in great shape.

I’m currently rounding down my fourth draft of my novel. Trimming, reworking, choosing new words, inspecting scenes, heightening tension, making the comedy zingier (is that a word?). I hate that it is taking me so long. I’m used to completing my to-do list each night and it kills me that writing this book does not follow those guidelines. Each chapter takes a good 8-10 hours or so to polish. But then I realized – this is actually my seventh or eighth draft – because that’s how many times I go over each chapter as I finish it. It’s my fourth time going thru the manuscript from start to finish, but I’ve actually gone through each chapter 7 or 8 times!

Anyway, back to work. I’m on a mission to get this job done, regardless of the outcome. And I want to share some great advice I recieved from these remarkable writers today. Not only to motivate other wannabe novelists like me, but also so I have these words to look back on when it’s 2:30 am and I second guessing EVERYTHING and want to cry. I think reading the following tips will snap me back in shape.

“When you’re in your darkest moments, you are that much closer to the light. Don’t EVER give up.”
– Mary Castillo

“Remember, it is your reputation at risk here. Your name goes on the cover of the book. The more work you do on the manuscript now, the greater a chance it iwll still be in print years to come.”
– Marcela Landres

“1) Grisham’s first book was A Time To Kill. He couldn’t sell it. So he wrote The Firm and after that success he was able to sell A Time To Kill as his “second” book.
2) Jennifer Weiner was rejected by 23 different agents
3) JK Rowley was rejected by at least ten different agents and five publishers (all of whom are now in 12 step programs :-)”
Kyra Davis

And thank you to all the others that gave me words of wisdom today. It means so much!!!!

Love & light,

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