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It just about killed me, but I finished my novel and sent it off to my agent last week. I’m chewing on glue sticks right now, out of anxiety of what happens next. I meet with my agent in NYC next week, hopefully he’ll have liked what he read! I worked on that book day and night from November-May. I let so many things go – time with my family, sleep, chores, art, money, my health! I gained weight from snacking while I worked so late at night.

But once I sent it off, and even though I know I’ll be revisiting the 400 page manuscript soon again, it felt like a two-ton block of clay was lifted off my back. I’m so excited to get back into art and fixing up our house.

For a variety of reasons, mostly because I came down sick, I had to miss Alisa’s sucias retreat in Santa Fe. It was all I thought about, I was so bummed – almost Ben & Jerrys depressed about it. The thought of hanging out with a group of inspiring Latinas for a weekend at one of the country’s most beautiful cities was one I had been looking forward to. By Friday I decided to stop moping and gear up for next year’s retreat. It was then a friend of mine offered me a space at a diversity conference in Scottsdale on Saturday (yesterday). At first I passed, time was so short! But something in my spirit nudged me, as though this offer was the next best thing after the Santa Fe conference. So I stayed up until 3 am on Friday night making as much stock as I could, and the next day I went to the Scottsdale event…

It was sooo worth it! I met the amazing poet, Divine Essence, as well as a gob of other artists. The event brought together women in the name of diversity from all over the country. After it was over, Maya and I went for lunch and then to Kicking and Screaming. So it wasn’t the weekend retreat I thought it would be, but it was a wonderful substitute. In the meantime, look at how much fun the sucias had!

After a few more posts here, I’m heading back to the art room. Patrick and I have an art show that opens this Friday at Barrio Cafe .

Off to the art room! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

peace, respect & glitter.
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