Gosh, I heart New York!

Here I am, finally taking a break in my hotel room after two whirlwind days in the Big Apple. It was quite an adventure.

Theresa, Maya and I were waiting for our plane at the airport on Wednesday night when Theresa broke into a panic attack and decided not to go on the trip, just as we were board the plane. I’ll have to share the details later, but basically, next thing I know, Maya and I are flying thru the air.

We arrive in NY at 5:30 am, really for our body clocks it was 2:30 am! We get to the hotel and find out our room won’t be ready until 10 am. We go to Rockefeller Center, have breakfast,come back, check in and sleep HARD for two hours before we left to meet Andrea, my book editor from Rayo, for lunch. After a fabulous Italian meal, Maya and I hit Central Park, took a horse and buggy ride. Our driver told us just yesterday Angelina Jolie rode in that very same buggy!

We had a jammed packed day – we went to Trump Tower (very gold!), 5th Ave (Tiffanys!). Later in the night I had my signing and my dear friend Tracey showed up!! I love Tracey! After it was all over with, Maya and I came home, took a hot bath, called Patrick. He got a sty in his eye and had to go to the doctor! Geez, I’m gone one day and everything falls apart!

Today I met with my agent, Jonathan, and I got so revved up for all the great things coming up the pike. Later we hit the Garment District, I bought a cool pair of black sequined clogs, Maya bought some silky scarves to toss around her neck while we cruised down Times Square.

Tomorrow I go to New Jersey for a signing, and then Sunday I’m off to BEA. I don’t want this weekend to end! We feel like mini-rock stars!

Tonight we had a nice surprise. Theresa got her act together and took a flight out. She’s here! I’m using her lap top!

Adios for now! Sorry for any typos! I’m so clumsy with this laptop!

Love & light,

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