I’m home.

Theresa, Maya and I have returned from the land of peasant skirts and sequined shoes. That’s all everyone was wearing in New York. I miss it already, so does Maya.

Last night she was flipping through the channels and she goes, “Wow! Every show is based in New York!!” She is already planning a trip back. She’s only 12, but she’s hooked on the big city. She even got down the grid system in a snap. “Oh, we’re at 34th St, we just need to go two blocks that way, Mommy!” The cute thing was she never once let go of my hand when we walked down the streets. Her favorite exercise was to hand out the tips to the cute bell boys. She also got pretty good at hailing taxis. She also loved to hop in the cab and say things like, “Take us to 17th St and Park Avenue South, please?” And yes, we did the subway too!

On Saturday I took a NJ Transit train to New Jersey for my book signing in Edison. Theresa and Maya dumped me off at Penn Station so they could spend the day in the East Village. I was slightly freaking internally because Penn Station is so overwhleming – and to find my one train in that mass hysteria? I did find it, one minute before it was to leave. I rushed up and down the cars in search of a place to sit. Just as the doors closed, this really cute dreadlocked guy eating a peach looked up from his seat and smiled at me. He kinda reminded me of Anwar from American Idol. Maybe it’s because he had dreads like my hombre Patrick that made me feel comfortable. So I asked him if I could sit by him and he was kind enough to move his stuff out of the way for me. He worked in publicity for HBO and we yakked away as the train whizzed along. His kindness and admitted knowledge of America’s Next Top Model put me at ease. I knew the rest of the NJ excursion would be A-OK.

At one point he goes – “Isn’t this your stop? MetroPark?”
He was right! How did he know that? I didn’t tell him where I was headed. I didn’t even realize the train had stopped. “ACK!” I squealed! I grabbed my stuff, shook his hand and jumped off the train just in time. Didn’t even get his name! But I’d like to say THANK YOU to him and wish him good luck in his writing career! He has good karma for helping me!!!

That’s one thing I adore about the NY experience. You bump into and meet so many cool people that you’ll never see again, but they leave a lasting impression.

My signing was awesome, lots of kids and parents showed up and they had a huge banner that stretched across the upper level railing with my name and pictures of my books. It was a dream come true!!

Another surprise:

WildSnowflake from the Get Crafty forums came by and gave me a gift – an interchangable bracelet. It blew me away! After the signing was all over, I went back to MetroPark to catch the train back to Penn Station.

“Your train is coming in 2 minutes!” the station lady yelled at me. She was correct. I watched the silver monster roar around the corner of the tracks and pull up to where I stood. The doors screeched open. I glanced down at the ticket in my hand and stepped forward to get on board. Just then, this girl wearing sunglasses and a red doo-rag who was sitting on the bench behind me, goes: “That’s the wrong train. That’s Amtrak. It will take you to D.C. Stay by me and I’ll show you which one is ours…”

Saved again by a heavenly stranger!! I would have been crying at the Captiol, had it not been for her! I did make it back to Penn in one piece. And depsite the minor train drama, it felt so good to have gone on that little mini-adventure and conquered it all on my own. Here in Phoenix, it’s all about cars and freeways. No trains.

Later that night we went to Greenwich Village, ate at John’s Pizza and popped in and out of all the Bleeker Street boutiques. It was all good until I accidently led us down a side street that was all sex shops. We walked in one store – that from a distance looked like a Jutenhoops on steroids. Fun, right? Well, we entered and like always, I looked at one wall and Maya the other. My wall had keychains in the shapes of p….

“OK, Maya! Let’s go someplace else now!” I sang out, as I slapped my hands over Maya’s glittered eyelids and shuffled her out the door. The guy behind the counter winked at me, chuckled and waved, “Buh-bye!”

I do have to say, my fascination with Magnolia Bakery is over. So what if it was featured in Sex and the City? The cupcakes were stale and over priced. I’m not going back again. Although it was fun waiting in line behind actress Kiersten Warren. At first I couldn’t place her. Last night Patrick I watched the movie, Independence Day and I go “There’s the actress we saw at Magnolia!” We didn’t have many other celebrity sightings. Theresa saw Alanis Morrisette at our hotel and that was about it.

Alrighty, back to Phoenix, Az reality. It’s time to go to work!

Love & light,

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