Still waiting for news.

However, no news on the novel until next week. I think I can hang on. Yes, I’m still obsessed with the whole *period, but not an exclamation point* thingy, but I’m dealing. One way ot another.

For starters, after I heard from him today, I was EDGY! I got this weird impulse to go smoke a cigarette to loosen me up. I can’t remember the last time I ever smoked a cigarette. There are these two guys at my work who pass by my desk to go on a smoking break several times a day. I’ve always been fascinated by that. It’s like a secret club. I wonder where they go, what they talk about, etc. So today, I invited myself to join them! I think I freaked them out a bit. But they were very sweet and one of them offered me an American Spirit. He said he felt like a corruptor. Really he isn’t. I puffed on the cigarette and it did take the edge off. I won’t ever do it again though. Mystery solved! That was hours ago and I still have the taste of tobacco on the inner lining of my cheeks.

…Although – I did get to see our company’s outdoor smoking lounge. It’s very pretty and relaxing – all full of tables, covered benches and trees. If it weren’t for all the cigarette smoke floating in the air, I think I’d like to craft there on my lunch hour.

I got a lot of funny but supportive emails from fellow authors about my insecure pity post a while back. This one is my favorite:

“Our poor agents, if they only knew we visit the Oracle at Delphi to decipher their every punctuation mark, turn of phrase or stifled sneeze, they probably would change professions and take out restraining orders…”

At the confident end, I found out I’m going to be speaking to 900 librarians at this year’s AZLA convention, and signing books at the ALA one in Chicago!! 
Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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