reclaiming what is MINE.

A bad back.
Heavy breathing after a brisk walk.
A fine selection of elastic waistbands.
Calls from two national TV producers.
Seeing myself on a video.

The above list is what it took to click my mind into a new lifestyle. I’m tired of being heavy, and all the physical and emotional baggage I have to carry around with it. I’m tired of skinny people saying things like “You should buy this, it’s big and bold, just like you!” or “Here. I’m full. Please eat the rest of it for me!”

Most of all, I’m tired of replying, “Yum! Thanks, I will!”

Literally from one second to the next I decided to make a change. I don’t want to be a prisoner in this zaftig body anymore. I want my stamina to match my spirit. I want to feel the sharp, clean curves of my collarbone and my waist. I want to have ankles instead of cankles. And I’m excited because it’s finally happening!

It hasn’t even been very long since I’ve switched over to eating healthy and I can already notice the positive effects. It’s amazing what a little bit of effort can do. However, I did rush things a bit, I started working out with DeAngelo and pulled a muscle, but other than that, all is good! I’m not stressing myself out by trying this diet or that diet. Basically I’ve just cut out the obvious bad stuff and only eat half of what I normally do. That should do the trick, don’t you think? As soon as my muscle is better, I plan to add in a bit of gradual exercise. Gulp. That last one is the hardest for me! I wish I could knit while I’m on the treadmill…

Anyway, I’m already down a few pounds! I had Maya take a “before” picture of me (FULL body shot!), but I won’t dare post it until I have a substantial “after” picture to go with it.
peace, respect & glitter.
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