crying at work

is a big no-no.

I wish I had a pill that could prevent me from shedding tears every time my fragile feelings hurt. It’s all in my head really, there really wasn’t a worthy reason to get upset. (Actually there was!) It was just one of those stressful days. The kind of days where all it takes is for your pen to run out of ink to send you over the edge. (Or someone being MEAN.)

Embarrassing. I actually sobbed to Patrick while using the new guy’s phone. The new guy sat at his desk and pretended not to notice. Afterward, I cleaned it off with a damp towel. Do tears have germs?

Luckily, for the most part, I happen to work with very kind and gracious people who treat me with kid gloves and offer gobs of support. Everything worked out fine, and by the next day I was fresh-faced ready to roll again. You can kick me down, but I will get right back up!

Part of my release that night was writing a creativity article for Get Crafty. It was such a good way to release tension! After I finished it, I thought about how easy it is to freak out and ruin a whole day over a minuscule moment that has no effect on the big picture of life. I visualized my life line as one long, long, long strand of yarn. Then I imagined the thing (person) that (who) made me cry, and where it fit on that strand of the yarn.

Tiny bump. Not even a knot, or a tangle. Just a bump. In the grand scheme of things, those little bumps are so teeny, they aren’t worth fretting over. I feel like taping up a strand of yarn at my desk at work so every time I get stressed I can look at it and be reminded that it is just one tiny set back. Not worth the sour emotions!

Here is the article if you want to see!

peace, respect & glitter.
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