tears and lattes

Tonight I’ve been crying and buzzing. Crying because of the ending of Six Feet Under and buzzing because I drank two double lattes.

First of all, SFU. Oh my gosh! I loved this show and was so sad to see it wind down. Critics say its pulse had slowed down the past two seasons but I didn’t think so. If you watch the show, but missed the ending tonight, click away -spolier alert!

The last five minutes were better than the entire run of the series. As Claire was driving off to New York to live, there was a montage of all the characters in the series and how they die. It was beautiful, not morbid at all. Many of them lived to be very old and happy. Right before they died, they would see the face of their loved one(s) that had already passed away. It was shot so elegant and full of life. My favorite character lived to be 102, and behind her bed were all the pictures she had taken of her family throughout her life – all there watching over her as she crossed over. OK, I have to stop or I’ll start bawling again!!!

The rest of the night I spent cranking out merch for the upcoming Art Unraveled conference that takes places later this week. Saturday I have an art booth and Monday I’m giving a speech at the luncheon. I love this kind of stuff! If you are the least bit artsy, you really have to check out this national event. I love it because it’s packed with those who are into alternative crafting, very non-traditional handmade items. It’s hard to describe, you just have to go! And if you do go, give props to Linda Young, she produces it just about all by herself!

I’ve received a few emails recently asking about my novel. It’s still there! I set it aside for a couple months so I could work on selling my sixth non-fiction title. It’s a really fun book – another crafty lifestyle theme. With the help of my fabulous agent Jonathan, I reworked the proposal over several times over so it would be a fantastic AND fun book. It was very stressful in an exciting kind of way. My proposal got the green light on Friday and it goes up for sale this week. Cross your fingers for me!

As far as the novel, I’m going to dive back into it next month. I have to add one major component, and then trim out close to 100 pages. Luckily, I have a reader (my friend Kathya who goes through a novel a week!) soaking it up line by line right now. It’s so hard for me to choose which parts to cut back, so Kathya is going to give me her advice since she is a pro on the topic. It felt good to leave that book alone for a while, because now I’m antsy to get back on it. I’ve already had a dream that I saw it for sale on the bookshelves. I had the same kind of dream about my very first craft book. I know in my gut it’s all going to work out and the sooner I get on it, the sooner it will manifest.

And on that note, I’m going to try and get some sleep.

Peace, love and crafts,
Kathy 🙂
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Love & light,

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