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Yesterday I spent 12 hours working on nothing but art orders. I watched Irma La Douce, Titanic, two weeks of Battle of the Network Reality Stars, the last four episodes of Desperate Housewives and the Emmys. Is that more than 12 hours? I can’t add right now. But it sure did feel good to crank all those orders out. The sad thing is it barely scratched the surface of what we still need to make. I even skipped the monthly Phoenix Fridas meeting, they had to conference call me in!

Painting and making art are the last things I want to do these days. What I really yearn for is to finish the revisions on my fiction book. This weekend I wrote an extended synopsis. That way it’s easier for me to see the story in a concentrated format so I recognize the spots that need to be enhanced or totally annihilated. I found them, now all I need is the time to go in and do it. Even though we are in the busiest season of the year, I’m forcing myself to spend one hour each night before I go to sleep to work on it. That way I’ll at least I’ll feel like I’m moving ahead. Today at work I was chatting with a friend who is working on some book stuff as well. She told me something that made me want to hug her. She said “I write something and look at it and say, OK this is either genius work or it is the absolute most rotten thing ever written! How do I know which it is?” – I wanted to hug her because I swear, I think that ALL the time! But I won’t let it stop me from trying. The only way to know is to find out and I won’t rest in peace until I get this book printed.

So, what was so great today? First off, I got confirmation that Hearst has a new magazine coming out this December and have chosen some of my hand-painted pieces to showcase in the issue.

Another magazine called Tu Ciudad from Los Angeles is also featuring my work as well. That’s awesome because believe it or not, December isn’t as busy as you would think for us, so the extra publicity is mucho appreciated!

Also today I had a phone meeting with one of the marketing directors at Rayo/HarperCollins. The staff there is way super excited about the book and I wish I could hand deliver homemade cupcakes with fudge frosting to show my gratitude. It’s all more than I ever imagined! When Raymond was filling me in on the massive national marketing game plan they are working on for Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul, I just about fell out of my chair and fainted. Instead I let one tear roll down my cheek. I’m so happy and can’t believe this is really happening to me. Tomorrow I should be getting a box of blads of the book. Blads are mini-versions of the book that the publisher prints up to create pre-release buzz. I’m going to be handing them out like Halloween candy. This Saturday I have a book reading in Chandler and I plan to give them out to anyone who is interested.

Next, my book agent called to talk shop and to let me know that he was at a film festival with one of his clients who is a novelist and screenwriter (and has a new film with a very cool and hip English actress) who mentioned to him that she was a fan of Crafty Chica (!!!!) and asked him if he could score some swagola from me and send it over. Of course, I was like, “Right on!”

And lastly the biggest news of all – DeAngelo got invited to be in a wedding! And he got invited to attend his first quincinera, that happens to be right by our house. I can’t put any words here that will describe how thrilled he is. He has also come to love his new gig as photographer for the yearbook staff and best of all, his report card got a clean bill of health. Last year, his math grades made us sick, this year it’s a different story. Funny how things change from one year to the next.

A couple people emailed me about the Crafty Chica podcast. I am going to do it, I have everything here to get started and my webmasters are ready to roll. But I don’t know what kind of show I want it to be about. Just about crafting? Maybe writing? Parenthood? I’d love to do interviews with all the people I know and ones I’d like to know. I’m still chewing on it.

Well it’s time to clock in for my novel hour.

Peace and warm croissants,
Kathy 🙂
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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