Butterfly Warrior

Last night I visited my cousin’s Latina sorority at ASU and we made sisterhood jeans (one of my crafty ideas from the summer). I brought Maya with me so she could see what it is like on the college campus.

Today was the book reading in Chandler. It ended up that I went out there by all by my lonesome, nervous as all get out. There was no reason to worry because my reading was a smash! Not only did a nice size crowd show up, they were very upbeat and happy to be there. Instead of doing crafty demos, I decided to do something different do read excerpts from Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul and an essay from my new book. The crowd was actually laughing with me (one lady even said she teared up at one point!) and they loved the stories. So much that I got two encores and we had a really fun Q&A session to close it out.

Once I was done, I spent the next 20 minutes signing autographs and books. Borders had some mini-sample copies of Art de la Soul and I signed a bunch of those. One lady who came, actually had my first craft column from December of 1999 and she had me sign it!! I can’t believe she kept that!!! It was such a great feeling, especially when I had braced myself to expect two, maybe three people. I don’t think I can even remember leaving the building, I was on such a high. I cried on the drive home. Half were happy tears for the success of it and half were because I wished so bad someone from my family had been there to see me. Regardless, the day rocked and nothing will mess it up for me!!

Tonight I’m writing copy for my first podcast. I decided to just call it Crafty Chica and it will feature my tips/ideas/memoirs on everything from crafting to art to business to family, plus size woes, movies, tv, etc…The night before last I did a test run and it came out really fun. I’m looking forward to launching it next week and then submitting it to iTunes. Patrick is writing my theme song as I type this. He owes me after bailing on going with me today! He wrote a song called “Butterfly Warrior”, that’s what he calls me. He says that “I have colorful wings that make people go “Ooooo, pretty! but in one swift stroke I can whack those who are mean to me right in the face with those very same wings…”.

Hmmm. I don’t know whether to be proud or frightened????

As far as other podcasts, I’m now hooked on Answer Bitch, which is a chick in L.A. who answers your questions about spolied actors. I love that klind of stuff, it’s so hilarious! I also soaked up the TV Guide podcast because they give the dish on a bunch of the shows I like and behind-the-scenes stuff.

OH! And Nancy Marmalejo of Comadre Coaching has a new podcast for women, called Coaching A Go Go – check it out here!

On the downside, I got a package back inthe mail today. It was from a customer who got the wrong order. Whoops. Tonight I’m processing a refund and packing up a new bracelet for her. Focus, I have to focus. Sometimes it is so difficult to juggle all this stuff.

OK, I’m off to make dinner for la familia and pour Patrick a frosty beer!!

Thank you for reading this!
peace, respect & glitter.
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