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Flirty Girl Resin Necklaces

Here is this week’s crafty idea. Patrick challenged me to use only black and white, and I thought these retro pictures would make that a dare I could love up to! So then – the end result are these Flirty Girl Necklaces.


Patrick and I are officially is heavy mass production season. I have no friggin’ idea how we are going to fill all these Day of the Dead orders. Every year it seems the holiday gets bigger and bigger. First thing tomorrow I’m sorting everything out and then downing a couple Quad Venti Lattes to get me in gear. But how did I kick the week off? By getting sick. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. All I did was cough, blow my nose, shiver, sweat, sip on soup and watch Martha and the LOST DVD seven disc set.

Sick or not, it felt like every other moment was about anxiously awaiting an answer from my agent about my next book. I just found out the publisher’s review deadline has been extended to the 30th, so I’ll have to ease up on the nerves. Two weeks is a long time!

The main chunk of my sick time was watching Lost. Oh. My. God. Why didn’t I see this show last season? Although… it was pretty nice to watch it all without any commericals for Swiffer or Chrysler or Chili’s, etc. If you’ve never seen Lost, it’s like Titanic-meets-Jurassic Park-meets-The Twilight Zone.

Wanna know how obsessed I am with this show? Yesterday when I washed my hair, I was so weak from being sick that I didn’t take time to style it. I’m on the endcap of a relaxer so my hair dried to a frizzy teepee. Kinda like Hurley’s hair! Anyhow, this morning Patrick and I got up early to paint and watch more Lost. Theresa came to pick me up for work and I left my art table and hopped in her car. I was crying because of the show and something that happened to one of my favorite characters. 30 minutes later I’m walking up to the employee entrance and see this big black triangle in the glass. “What the bejebbers is that?” I think.

And then it hits me: I didn’t do my hair today! I actually went to work with bed head! Call Tyra’s Fierce Force, stat! I had to swindle Theresa out of a hair tie, which eventually fell off without me knowing. and I’m sitting here typing away at this very moment with post-plane crash Hurley hair.

And of course, this week also involved the new Martha show. I laughed so hard with Marcia Cross and David Spade and I’m highly impressed at Diddy’s wrapping skills. Is there anything he can’t do? I was so lovin’ me that squeegy (sp?) technique!However, there was only one topic that kinda makes me squirm: The Poncho issue.

That brilliant piece of yarn work was designed and made by a woman named Xiomara Hernandez. As a professional designer, and a member of a professional designer’s trade organization, I know all of us would freak if we gave a celebrity a handmade original design and didn’t get proper credit. And then it went up for sale for charity, selling thousands, with someone else getting all the glory. I’m so, so, SO happy Martha acknowledged Xiomara by name on the show!!!

In my perfect crafty balanced world I think Xiomara deserves to have her name on that poncho’s label (“Xiomara for Martha”). Yes, Martha wore the poncho and made it famous, but this lady made it. And by the knockout poncho that Xiomara’s daughter wore to the show’s taping that day, it’s obvious this lady is talented with a crochet hook. Yes, she is in jail for who knows what, but that shouldn’t take away the fact that the poncho is her creation and design. If were me, I’d add her name on to the despcription of the poncho, just the same as if it were made by a Hollywood designer who made jewelry. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt and thinking it was something legal.

And that’s the end of my little crafty soapbox moment. Xiomara if you are out there, you have my respect!! I hope someone gives you a book deal to share more of your crocheted creations! And um, Martha, if you are out there, I mean no disrespect. 🙂 I’m just very passionate about this kind of stuff. One time I gave out a family member’s coveted salsa recipe and the person I gave it to SOLD it as HER recipe to be published in a cookbook. Grrrr.

Crisis of the week: I spilled iced tea all over my Mac keyboard last night! Don’t ever drink around the computer. It set me back $30 bucks tonight to replace it. In order to soothe my spirit, I splurged on a quad venti latte.

Crisis of the moment: I happen to have that QVL chillin’ in the fridge right now and I want to drink it so bad, but if I do, I’ll be up all night. Sigh…OK, off to bed!


Assorted images printed on high-gloss photo paper
EasyCast (8-ounce kit)
EasyCast knob molds
1 bottle of EasyCast black coloring
1 bottle of EasyCast mold release
Mixing cups
Bamboo skewers or Popsicle sticks
Wax paper
Paper mask
Chain necklace or cording
Jump ring
Directions: Line your work surface with wax paper. Spray the molds with mold release and let dry. Cut your pictures to fit the molds and set aside. For the resin, measure 1 ounce from each bottle and mix exactly according to package directions using a stick to stir. Pour a thin layer of the mixture in the molds. Blow through the straw on the liquid to remove any gas bubbles. Let set for 15 minutes, then lay your pictures face down in the molds. Carefully lift the molds so you can see the pictures and, if there are bubbles, wiggle the picture with your finger to move the bubbles away. Let everything set overnight until the resin is firm. Mix a new batch of resin and add two drops of black coloring and stir. Pour mixture into the molds over the first layer. Blow through the straw to remove any bubbles. Let set for another 8-10 hours until firm. To remove from the molds, use your fingernail to carefully press the edge of the mold away from the resin until you hear a snap and see a small pocket of air between the two surfaces. Do that on all four sides and then twist the mold until the resin piece pops out. Once removed, flip the pieces over and sand the rough edges. Drill a hole at the top, attach the jump ring and thread the chain or cording through and close.
Variations: Drill a hole at the bottom and add beads or a charm. Instead of a necklace, you can make key chains, charms or rings. Or you can actually use the molds for what they were intended: knobs, handles and drawer pulls. For more embellishments, add glitter or other objects in the first layer. Add multiple layers by repeating the process and mixing more colors.

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