latina power, what does it take?

Today I just got a wonderful invite to participate in a Latina women’s summit in California. It’s the second of its kind that I’ve been invited to for 2006. I love doing these kinds of events because it makes me feel good to think maybe I can inspire others to do something creative, and vice versa!

It’s so bittersweet though. Here in Phoenix (where I was born and raised and still live) we have one of the largest national gatherings of Latinas once a year. When the conference first started years back, the head organizer always saved a booth for me. She only charged me 20% of what I sold, because she felt I had something to offer these women from an indie artist point of view. To show my appreciation I volunteered to stuff the thousands of goodie bags and helped to get ads for the brochures. I made so many great contacts, it was worth it!

But then the conference grew HUGE with lots of new organizers, volunteers and such who brought on national guests and large corporations. As it expanded, my little crafty career did too. I got my degree, was asked to write two weekly columns for the paper (one of them nationally syndicated) and published my first few art books. However, these days I’m a little fish in a big Arizona pond and there is no room for me at the Phoenix event. There hasn’t been for the past five years. I used to send emails thru their web site and never heard anything back. Last month I was PMSing and thinking about it. I sent an emotional heartfelt letter expressing my feelings and I think it got passed around. Ack! I’m so embarrassed! and even though I got some very nice email replies from staff members, I’m most likely blacklisted as the whiny freak now.

It’s all cool, I know they need to bring in the more well-known and polished personalities that will draw women in. I know how the corporate thing works. It just chokes me up that out-of-state events want to hire me to speak, teach and sell my art as the Crafty Chica, but here in my hometown, I’m still and always will be geeky Kathy Cano from the west side!

So once again the conference will come and I’ll think about the author panel and how someday I might score a spot on it. Once again I’ll daydream about how I might be able to teach an extensive creativity workshop there like I have in New York and will be doing in Miami next May for another Latina conference. Once again I’ll feel like an insecure Jan Brady when I think of the stunning Latina artist exhibit and how *maybe* one day I’ll be chosen to participate.

Once again, Patrick will take me to dinner to cheer me up the night of the conference so I can get it off my mind and not cry in my wine glass.

I’m being positive about it all. Next year I plan to send a full-on uber professional Crafty Chica media kit to be considered – instead of a friendly local email. It never hurts to give up trying!

OK, end of pity party.

Peace and glitter,
Kathy 🙂
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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