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From PR Newswire:

“ATLANTA, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The Home Depot(R), the world’s largest home improvement retailer, today announced the launch of a new Hispanic color palette named Colores Origenes. Capturing the richness of colors influenced from Latin America and the Caribbean, the vibrant palette will feature more than 70 colors. The color palette is the first of its kind and was created after research demonstrated that consumers would welcome a paint line that reflects Hispanic culture, with Spanish names to provide inspiration through a collection of shades they can relate to visually. Origenes, which means the origin of one’s roots, will be sold exclusively at The Home Depot in select stores beginning Monday, Sept. 19.”

Two reasons why I’m so excited about this:

1. It is so hard to find the *right* colors when you want a La Casa Loca kind of house. Either too bright or too bland. Seriously. I’ve painted – by myself – the entire living room, entry area AND kitchen THREE times since we bought our house six years ago and stil can’t find the shades I’m looking for, the ones I see in my fantasy house. As for the new colors, I can’t find the cards online yet, but you know I’m going to be at Home Depot this week looking for them. I want one card for every shade! Which leads me to my next reason…

2. The paint colors all come with Spanish names on the color cards. Hello collage embellishments!! Until craft maufacturers come up with some decent Latino-themed products, we are forced to rip through every retail cubby to find cool flair. No, I won’t be cleaning out the little plastic bins for the paint cards at Home Depot. I just won’t throw the ones away that I do collect when I’m choosing my hue. And it may be that I want to consider every shade!
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