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Today I had an early breakfast with my friend Kathya. She is my official “reader” for my novel revisions. She is perfect because she reads gobs and gobs of women’s lit and chick lit books – and most recently my fiction manuscript. I gave her my list of notes from my agent and she addressed ALL of them. Together we came up with some fantastic clap-worthy ideas for the book. I haven’t even looked at my manuscript since this past summer and even though we are heading into busy art season, I know it’s time to tackle the next go-round of it. At least for tonight. Aside from that, it was a busy day today! My workshop got canceled and I had to go deliver supply orders from my previous workshop attendees who lived at at different points across town. I ended up missing my friends baby shower and never even made it to the grocery store. Thank God for low-maintenance kids and lunch meats in the fridge!

As far as the novel revisions, I was inspired by a family party last night. It was a Cousinpalooza! It was retirement party for my Uncle Charley who signed off from the Army National Guard after 40 years. He had a lot to celebrate – he was also the first Hispanic in Arizona to be appointed as a Chief Warrant Officer.

At first Patrick was like, “I don’t want to go, I don’t any of your dad’s side of the family! Let’s at least stay together for the mingling. Promise you won’t wander off and leave me sitting alone at a table, kay?”

I promised him, of course. So we get there to the Legion Hall, walk through the doors, there are hundreds of people, and who do we see first? Patrick’s cousin, his wife, and Patrick’s aunt and uncle! Turns out they all know my Uncle Charley! Later in the night, when my uncle was giving his thank you speech at the podium, he mentioned his best friend in 1965 – it was Patrick’s uncle! The small world factor doesn’t end there. Turns out that one of my cousin’s best friends happens to be a cousin of Patrick’s. And her sister is married to one of Patrick’s best friends, who later showed up at the party as well with is wife – who is alo one of Patrick’s cousins. So much for not knowing anyone.

We couldn’t stay there as long as we wanted. At the other side of town, DeAngelo was taking yearbook pictures of the Moon Valley football and then he had his first high school dance. We we had to make it over there to pick him up at 10:30 sharp. It was an eventful night, good vibes all around. Except when I got buzzed from a double dose of extra strong margaritas and started to cry, thinking about my Nana Cano (she passed away several year back) and how proud she would be of my uncle.

OK, off to bang out these novel revisions! They are going to make the book more juicy than ever!
peace, respect & glitter.
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