Productive procrastination

I worked all weekend on my novel (coming along GREAT!), but it seems every time I get on a roll with something cool, I come up against a roadblock. ExampIe: I woke up yesterday morning with a raw throat and spent all day TODAY under the covers in bed, sniffling and sneezing. Patrick is so sweet, he fed me Motrin every 4 hours and even went out for a 7Up run.

No matter how sick I was, there was no way I was going to miss the debut of Martha and Tyra. I was contacted by producers from both shows this summer about going on as a guest sometime during the season. I hope that happens! I love both of these women for different reasons. Martha made crafting cool for all of us, and Tyra is just plain cool.

I did manage to stay awake for both shows – flipping the channel back and forth. I have to admit, Tyra’s show made me tear up, laugh and feel empowered by the end. Martha’s show made me giggle and I sent good vibes out to Marcia Cross. Did anyone see her segments? Talk about being put on the chopping block (no pun intended). She made great TV because she rolled with the punches so cute and smooth.

I was happy to experience the egg scrambling segment, but I’m not sure about using the empty eggshell as the holder…Maybe it’s because of my plus-size thinking, but I like to mix my eggs with my chorizo and eat them with a warm tortilla. If not that, I’ll mix them with hash brown and use toast. I think trying to eat them out of an egg shell would stress me out and lessen the bliss of breakfast. I know – i’m over-thinking this. This is a chubby girl issue, OK?

Anyway, Tyra’s show rawked. I know I’m totally out of the target audience, but I was there in spirit. I loved India Arie’s theme song and the T-shirts that have the lyrics on them. I already bought one!

Tonight before I head off to bed, I want to share some other empowerment avenues going on. The subject seems to be a big one these days. There are two really cool books available on the topic. Make that three! My Art de la Soul book has gobs of ideas to spark your spirit.

Whether you can fold a t-shirt in one swoop – or not – do your body, mind and soul good and go order these books!

From the web site:
The Daring Female’s Guide to Ecstatic Living is your trusted guide on the path to becoming a true Daring Female and living your life in the most passionate and ecstatic way you can imagine! The book is made up of 30 fun, practical, and inspiring dares that motivate and inspire you to get the most out of everything you do. Bored at work? Dare to find what makes you ECSTATIC and do it for at least 10 minutes a day! Can’t seem to get out from under the endless pile to must-dos and to-dos? Dare to do now what you could do later! Feel like time is flying by and you’re not living your life to the fullest? Dare to have a Life Wish List and cross one thing off every year! But most importantly, dare to get a copy of this book and use it as your constant reminder of the Daring Female Manifesto: To get the most out of your life you have to dare yourself to do it!”


From the web site: You Can Do It! is the vision of Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, a heroine of United Flight 93 and a woman who was an inspiration to all who knew her. Lauren’s dream was to create the ultimate self-empowering resource, a book to help women of all ages realize their dreams. Inspired by her beloved Girl Scout badges, nurtured to publication by her family and friends—led by Lauren’s two sisters, Vaughn and Dara—You Can Do It! is the merit badge handbook for every grown-up girl who’s said, “I wish I could…” Jam-packed with practical advice, here is step-by-step instruction and kick-in-the-pants encouragement for achieving 60 exciting badge activities. Start your own business, go back to school, speak in public, play a musical instrument, fix the car—whatever the ambition, each activity features a female expert to mentor the reader and guide her to success with clear how-to, practical resources, and the wisdom of experience.”

Love & light,

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