14 glorious days

Today is the first day of 14 glorious sunrises and sunsets to come. I’ve decided to kick off 2005 with a two-week vacation from my day job.

To prepare for this exciting treat, I purchased a 25-pound block of red clay from Rylee, my new Wednesday night ceramics teacher. I plan on making some funky wall plaques, coffee mugs, pinch pots, luminarias and a few other items.

During the next two weeks, I’m also going to design a new line of jewelry that I sketched out over the holiday season. AND, we’re installing tile throughout the house. AND I’m proofing the galleys on one book, finishing the final draft on another and starting on a new one. If there is any time left over, I plan on taking up knitting, sorting all my paper files from 2004 and painting the interior of the house.

Last night I went and got my hair chopped into a funky new do, with fiery red highlights. Not scary mid-life crisis red, but the very cool shimmery kind. This morning I went to Chunky Row (Torrid, Avenue and Lane Bryant, they are all next to each other at the mall) for new clothes. I tried on one pair of pants and discovered I needed a smaller size! I feel good inside and out. These 14 days are off to a fabu start. And that’s not even the tip of it…

The best part is my vacation will be kicked off by an art party today. I feel so cool to have been invited. My friend Tracy is hosting the rock star of recycled craftiness, Shari Elf, at her house for a creative woman’s retreat and I’m included!

The next 12 months are going to shine like tinsel, I can feel it. I’ve already been invited to do some art workshops in Seattle and New York City, plus the ever talented Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez has a new project coming up in her home town that I’ll be involved with if all goes well, not to mention we have more things going up at El Museo del Barrio in NYC – and I have two books coming out this year!

Making and teaching art comes as easy as breathing for me. The biggest challenge I’ve set for myself is to get healthy, even if it’s only 10 lbs lighter by December. I’m going old school and counting calories and bonding with the treadmill and not giving it another thought. Everytime I over-think I end up on a chocolate binge. I’m not saying 2005 won’t have any FGCs, but there will be fewer of them.

As a semi-swan song, I tried the new Starbucks drink, Chantico last night. I totally meant to do this! Remember the film Chocolat? The main character (played by Juliette Bincohe) whipped up this magical rich and creamy cocoa potion that was a recipe created by the Aztecs gods. I remember thinking, “Oh, I want that.” And now years later, Starbucks has it! The only thing I can compare it to is melting a Godiva bar and pouring it in a small brown cup. I had one, got it out of the way and am back on track.
Below: “STURDY GARDEN”, by Shari Elf

peace, respect & glitter.
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