Dance of the beaded scarves

Tonight DeAngelo was in the wedding party of his best friend’s uncle. Patrick, me and Maya went to check it out. It was a Middle-Eastern affair, complete with bouncy Bollywood-type music and lots and lots of culture.

Just before the wedding party entered the main ballroom, the family of the groom passed out brightly colored sheer scarves that were trimmed with more than 500 beads, sequins and fake coins. The family had *hand sewn* these in preparation for the event. They were given to the women at the reception, which included Maya and myself!

We all gathered at the main doorway, and as the wedding party crossed the threshold, we all shimmied to the music, shook the scarves in front of our faces and also in the air. Many women hollered Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ayyyyyyyy!!!!!! and clapped in tune to the song. It reminded me of our Mexican weddings and the gritos the elders sometimes sing out after a couple shots of Tequila: “Aye, aye, ayyyyyyyy!”.

After that, the women gathered around the bride and groom and they moved in a large cluster to the center of the dance floor. They then formed a little circle in the center, joined arms and did a dance that I think was called the Shikatt, while wearing the scarves. As they moved, more and more people joined on the human chain. Like a Syrian-version of the Mexican Marcha! Maya and I were too chicken to go up and join in on that part.

Once we got home, Maya immediately snatched the dogs and dressed them up in the scarves. Here is a picture of poor Ozzy, all glammed and ready to party. Doesn’t he look so cute? I’m glad we all went to this wedding. I don’t think my parents would have taken me to an event like this when I was 12. I’ve always wanted to go to Middle Eastern affair and I finally got my fix. DeAngelo looked like such a little stud in his black tux. I’m so proud of him! He is still at the wedding. Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of him!

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