Is it Saturday or Sunday?

It’s been such an action packed weekend, tonight I seriously did not know if it was Sunday night or Saturday. I noticed on the tv guide channel that Desperate Housewives was on at 9. I thought they moved the time. It wasn’t until Saturday Night Live came on that I figured out it was indeed Saturday. Even that took a few minutes. At first I thought I was watching the E! channel until I saw a blond Ashlee Simpson come out and sing by a piano. Finally I put two and two together…

Patrick is doing great, he has quite a sore back after the car accident but he is hanging in there. Last night was the pet show at Greta’s Boutique and it was the sweetest Friday night we’ve had in a long time. Guests came to see Patrick’s paintings and they brought their dogs. The place was romping with all kinds of breeds, barks and biscuits!

Today I taught a white chocolate sugar skull class. I also found out that my Kurt Russell phoner would be coming in at the same time as the workshop so I had to duck out of the way from the class for 15 minutes to do the interview…Tonight I’m cranking out art orders as fast as I can,with love in every stroke of course! I hate this feeling of racing against the clock. Where is a hammock and mai tai when you need one?

Next week is a biggie. I seriously need to drink *something* tomorrow to loosen me up for the events to come. Thursday I’m speaking at the AZLA conference (nervous!). Saturday I have two workshops and then another on Sunday. Next Wednesday I speak at the Heard Museum, plus I still have to finish making my projects for my craft columns for the rest of the month.

…(drum roll) And it looks like I have another book on tap at Rayo! It’s a really fun one, I’ll spill more details next week. Think thread. Aside from that, I got the most excellent news from my book editor! My Art de la Soul book is selling really well to book buyers. Barnes & Noble not only placed a whopper of a gushing order, but they’ve also chosen my title to be in a “New Releases” in-store promo nationwide!

Enough about that – there are more deserving horns to be tooted!

You must see the fabulous new web site from a friend of mine, Isabel González, who worked very hard for her dream to come true! She and Carolina Buia teamed up to write the new book, Latin Chic, and it was just released last week. They traveled all over the world to pick up mouth-watering recipes and slick and sexy party ideas. There are gobs of events taking place for the celebration – even the mayor of New York declared an official “Latin Chic Day” last week! Congrats to Isabel and Carolina for a really, really hot book.
Visit their NEW web site:

Two more cheer worthy headlines: Spiffy spankin’ fresh books from some renegade crafters!

Bazaar Bizarre : Not Your Granny’s Craft Book, by Greg Der Ananian

Greg is a hoot and so is his book. Every year he organizes the Bizarre Bazaar event in Los Angeles and he’s pulled together a wild mix of punk rock crafters and outrageous projects. Bonus: The pictures will make you cover your mouth and squeal in laughter. No lie. Silly fun. Comes out October 20.

And the other – Ta daaaaa!

Super Crafty : Over 75 Amazing How-to Projects!, by Susan Beal, Torie Nguyen, Rachel O’Rourke, Cathy Pitters

The amazing chicas from Portland Super Crafty have collaborated on this gem of a page turner. Doesn’t it just look so tempting to buy and try? It is. But you’ll have to wait until November 5th when it goes on sale.

I truly believe that all these sparking new crafty book releases are in some way due to the brilliant visions and actions of Jean Railla of and Debbie Stoller of Bust. I know their web sites were my entry way into this alternate art world, as well as all the legions of crafty folks who were on those original message boards back in the day five or six years ago.

My sister, friends and co-workers used to tease me like all get out when I’d go and on about my crafty online friends and our mini-shrine swaps. Now look at them all – these folks all have books, web sites and creative empires!

Just goes to prove that if you put a little faith, research and time in your passion, amazing developments will appear. No doubt! Don’t ever forget that!

peace, respect & glitter.
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