Martha y mas!

Today’s Martha show was my favorite episode of the whole season (so far)!

One word: inspiring.

The theme was Business 101 to celebrate M Diddy’s new book. One of her guests was Joan Rivers, who had so much hefty and practical advice for finding your entrepenurial niche (“find the void!”).

One of the audience members asked Martha about her schedule and Martha replied that she doesn’t get much sleep at all. She is always thinking of new ideas and working away. People like me are worlds away from the likes of Martha, but if you can relate to the little-sleep routine because of brainstorming and creating – doesn’t it feel so good to be in her company? Almost like maybe for a millisecond we are on the right path?

And both Joan and Martha gave the best advice ever, something I always tell people: Find what hasn’t been done and do it!

Anyway, tomorrow Gloria Estefan is on, which is exciting to me because she is on the same book imprint as me. i’ll take any connection I can get, OK? Last summer, several of the producers from Martha contacted me about coming on the show during the season in some way. I’m still crossing my fingers that goes through. Yes, this sounds extremely farfetched, but maybe if I close my eyes and hum, I can channel some of Gloria’s energy…

That is Wednesday. On Thursday Barb from the Art Glitter will be on the Martha show making glittered pumpkins. I did this four years ago, just had to mention that ;-)!!! Anyhoo – Art Glitter is based out of Cottonwood, AZ and is known for having the largest selection of glitter colors in the WORLD! You know I love me some glitter – you will too after you see what they have to offer.

On the homefront, Patrick is hanging in there after his car accident. He has to go to the doctor every day this week and is sore as all get out and has bad headaches. He hasn’t been able to paint, so I’ve been a lonely chica in the studio. I miss him. Not the painting part, just the chirpy part of him. Every night since the accident I pray so hard before I fall asleep that he will be back to normal soon. Cross your fingers, kay? Gracias.

And before I head off to snoresville, here are some features I did for last week.

Honor the dead, appreciate the living, special for

Deborah Santana. She was in town to promote her new book, Space Between the Stars. Check out her blog! She is such an amazing, powerful, beautiful woman. She lived her whole life as a band wife and this book is her way of stepping out of her husband’s shadow and into the spotlight. Right on.

Justin Long. The cutie from movies like Waiting, Dodgeball and Galaxy Quest.

Last but not least – a crochet story! I knit and crochet, but jive better with the latter. I got tired of people always making fun of crochet, especially that goofy (but hilarious) “Crochet Today” TV commerical for Glade air freshener. I wasn’t alone! I came into work today and had almost a dozen phone messages, plus emails from crocheters who raised their hooks in the air and said thanks for the street cred.

I can sleep a happy woman. Patrick has just informed me that it’s actually chilly outside, so we’re going to go sit in the back yard and enjoy it! Could it be? Our first night since April that we can turn off the air conditioning?

peace, respect & glitter.
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