Memories from our art opening

We just got home from our art reception in downtown Chandler. It was a collective show for Dia de los Muertos and about a dozen local artists participated. It was at the Vision Gallery and the place was packed inside and out. Originally we were going to create an altar dedicated to the musicians who had passed away from the Buena Vista Social Club, but last week Patrick’s mom’s cousin Martha passed over unexpectedly. So a couple days ago we switched gears and created the ofrenda for her. Patrick’s mom came out to the reception with us tonight, and when we got there, we learned a priest had blessed the altar for us.

It was a beautiful night, and the perfect cap to an amazing week. I’m so bummed my camera is broken. I would have shared pictures here!

This week truly reflected that whole “living an artist’s life” thing. On Monday Patrick sold a painting that was in a gallery, Tuesday the Martha Stewart people contacted me again about possibly coming on the show and I had to make a quickie video tape, Wednesday, Patrick and I were both were the key note speakers for the Heard Museum Guild, at night we worked like elves on crack to get our orders out. Thursday we set up our altar at the gallery, went for dinner and then crashed. Well, I recorded another podcast and then I crashed. Today we had fondue for lunch, came home, napped and then went out to the reception. I wish every week could be like this! The best part was that the kids pitched in to help us, and shared in the rewards too.

One surprising thing that has popped up: speaking engagements. I did one back in August and have been doing them ever since. So far, each event has led to another. I just got booked for another one in November and am so thrilled. I always get so nervous at first, and almost feel like I want to back out. But then I go up there and everything kinda flows and feels so good. I think what helps is I’ve been reading some excerpts from my upcoming book and it relaxes me. Plus, people can’t help but laugh when they hear me recant the story about when I cracked an egg on a newscasters head on live TV. It was an embarrassing moment in crafty chica history, but at least I found a way to put a positive spin on it!

Back to the altars at tonight’s show. They moved me so much. I love how each one must have taken so many hours of thought and preparation to put together. At this point in my life, sometimes I feel like I’m a factory – my whole mission to produce, produce, produce. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I have going on and am so grateful and undeserving. But there is something inside of me that yearns to go in a different direction. I think I know what it is, but I can’t be sure. All I know is when I stop my brain from churning like a 24/7 brainstorming machine, I get choked up and my heart tightens because I feel like a new career is around the corner and I shouldn’t ignore it. Rather than shaking it off, I’m going to explore what my instincts seem to be pointing at.

On that note, I talked Patrick into taking a retreat with me to Mexico this January one week before my book is released. We’ll leave the kids at home and go with a friend of ours (who knows his way around over there) and visit some of the artist families in Guadalarjar and Morelia. Raices. Roots. I need that right now. I don’t know what my future holds, so far most everything I’ve focused on has come together in some form (except winning the lottery!), so I have faith! I do know I want to inspire other people into making the most of their opportunities.

Maybe I’m just talking goofy because tonight I had a glass of wine at the event (I thought I’d just relax for the rest of the evening), followed by five cups of coffee at a cafe (I thought I’d get some work done for the rest of the evening), followed by two Tylenol PMs (I decided to go back to my original thought of relaxing for the rest of the evening).

Well, I’m off to bed! I have a workshop and then an altar installation tomorrow. And then more orders to fill. October is a busy, busy month. Next week is a big two-day event for Dia de los Muertos, we have ZERO stock at this moment. Aye. Holy crap. Sweet Mother of Mosaics, what are we going to do?

*Must not worry about that right now…*

Oh! And thanks to Patrick today!! He sacrificed one of his pretty studio mics and connected it to my Mac so I don’t have to record my podcast by speaking into my computer screen anymore. I feel so professional now, I have a little recording studio set up! I have so many topic ideas for shows, but I need to hold back and keep it at every other week before I neglect everything else! You should start your own podcast! If you do, let me know and I’ll link ya here!

For reals, good night! It’s almost 1:30 in the freakin’ morning and there is a gel eyemask in the fridge with my name on it!

Love & light,

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