the marathon continues

The art marathon continues!

First of all, any customers who are reading this and thinking: “Why isn’t she workin’ on my order right now?” – I want to let you know I really have been working on your order. Patrick and I have yet to find any part-time workers this season so we are pretty much working around the clock to get everything done all by ourselves. We *handmake* everything. This is just a little break and then I promise I’ll get back to work!

Thank you to all the kind and sweet emails about my first podcast! Any other time of the year I swear I would email you back right away to say thank you! I think my next podcast will be much better. The first one, I sounded a little quiet because I was recording it at about 2 in the morning and I didn’t want to wake up the family. I noticed it is now officially in the iTunes Music store (yippee!) as well as some other directories. That means I really have to do this – I have to keep it up!

From the “go take a nap” files: Tonight I’m making some fabric collages (among other things) for an order and I ran out of fabric! Actually, I could never run out of fabric, I just was too lazy to sort through my box of material. So Maya and I went to buy some new pieces at the fabric store. On the way out, we got to the car and loaded up the goods in the trunk. I then proceeded to hand her the keys, walk around to the passenger’s side of the car and get in. Just then it clicked.

Maya is 12 and does not know how to drive!

I lept out of the car and ran around to her, where she stood frozen. Poor kid thought I was seriously expecting her to escort me home. I apologized over and over and gave her a bear hug and she skipped around to the passenger’s seat like it was nothing. Years from now she will be in psychotherapy and her shrink will tell her I was nuts – just like Maggie and Rose’s mom in In Her Shoes.

On a happier note, I really want to share a new friend who will change your life! for the better! Abiola Abrams from The Goddess Factory. She is a filmmaker, artist, writer and poet in NYC who had a calling to spread the gospel of self-empowerment to the masses, so she started a weekly podcast. It’s very bouncy and lively. You just have to hear it, go – right now – and listen. You’ll see what I mean!

Well, gotta jam. I have a speaking engagement at a local museum tomorrow and the last thing I want is to have black circles under my eyes! Adios amigos!
Kathy 🙂

peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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