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Should I make the cards or not?

Tomorrow is a huge Dia de los Muertos event that we’ve been waiting for ALL year. We rarely do booth events anymore, so it’s a very big deal. This time last week, Patrick and I had zero stock. Actually, we had zero up until Monday. Tonight I feel proud. We seriously kicked some mass production bootie over the past five days. The only break I took was to go to work for three eight hour days. Every other minute was dedicated to busting out the merch.

Tonight I’m finishing up putting everything together for the show tomorrow. Printing out business cards, preparing tax license stuff, packaging, sorting, making signs, pricing, mailing list sign up sheet, special gifts for customers who spend a decent hunk of cash on us, etc.

This is what we made this week and I’m only sharing this because I want to have documentation, so the next time we whine about time, I can look at this post and see how much we accomplished in such a short amount of hours. We based coated, painted, varnished and embellished all of it. It was very entertaining because we watched all the ghostly programming on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel, with bits of Martha, Tyra and Donald mixed in.

I am not kidding at the list below:

12 crosses
80 magnets
24 picture bracelets
24 resin picture necklaces
36 glittered/painted ornaments
7 canvas paintings
3 reconstructed vintage handbags embellished with Austrian crystals (gorgeous!)
6 jewelry boxes
12 shrine kits
24 hand painted framed prints
2 sculptures
12 night lites

I am typing this with an Ace bandage on my wrist. I’m happy though. We got everything completed on our list, and more. But now as I’m about to turn out the lights, I realize there is one thing I missed: greeting cards.

They really aren’t that hard to make. I have all the supplies piled up and ready to go. It’s about an hour’s worth of work. Sure, they will only sell for a few dollars each, but they are really cool looking and they are new to our line this year, so I know our regular customers will really enjoy them. However, I’m so sleepy and I do need to look bright and cheery tomorrow, no? I hate it that I put so much pressure on myself. If I don’t go make these cards, I’ll be thinking about it all day, bummed and telling myself “Sleep is overrated! Martha would have stayed up to make the cards!”

OK, thank you for convincing me! I’m going to go whip out some lean, mean greeting cards – and then have a cheek-to-cheek conference and make out session with my fluffy pillow.

Wish us luck that this was all worth it!!

Peace out!!
Kathy 🙂
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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