Wow! October, already!

Note: Please overlook my typos and grammar, I’m sleepy!

October is the absolute busiest month of the year for Patrick and myself. It’s all about the skulls – Dia de los Muertos. We have multiple art booths, workshops, nighttime art shows, altar installations, wholesale orders from around the country, retail orders from our web site, speeches and other silly things like laundry, dinner, grocery shopping, housework, kids, etc.

Every year in November we VOW that next year will be different – we’ll work all summer on building up stock that we’ll horde in a hidden closet and not dare sell it until October. And, well, it never happens. So now, we are using every single minute to paint away.

Everything is put on hold right now – any kind of freeform art, three-course home cooked meals and so forth. I’ve also, once again, had to shelve my novel for a month, which really depresses me. It’s the one thing I’m most excited about but because it has no immediate financial payoff, it gets pushed down on my list. We have to put food on the table, ya know. However, I stepped away from it with a cliffhanger. I killed off one of my characters which led to the whole second half of the book being reworked (to be reworked, I mean). I can hardly wait to get back to it. And that is what makes me paint like a madwoman. The sooner we fill all our orders, the sooner I can get back to my novel.

Saturday we had our first Day of the Dead event and it was a gorgeous, successful afternoon. A little sweaty late in the day temperature wise, but still fabulous. And that’s a good thing because I stayed up until 2:30 am making stock and woke up at 6 am to finish it all up. It was worth it. I think my favorite part of all these events isn’t so much about selling stuff, but more about mingling with people and hearing their stories and updates. Most of them I only see once a year – yes – in October.

After the show, Patrick, the kids and me went thrifting in search of vintage handbags for Patrick to paint on. I swear to God, they sell so fast and people keep asking for more. All four of us inspected every corner of this one particular shop and scored big time – five purses! Later in the night I let Theresa talk me into going with her and my dad and cousin to bingo such as from new bingo sites listed in this new bingo website at Fort McDowell. I am so not a gambler. It just doesn’t float my boat. It’s like paying money to get stressed out. But it seemed fun so I went. None of us won a dime, but we raked up the funny stories.

We happened to sit at a table with three people who didn’t know each other, but all had one thing in common. They had all recently won over a grand at bingo. I rubbed their shoulders for good luck and I think instead I gave them my bad luck. They didn’t win all night. One lady’s name was Sandra Rambler (fun!) and then there was this elderly man, Diego. He helped me the whole night figure out the damn game cards. Dang, bingo is stressful, especially if you miss a number. There’s no way to catch up unless you are as clever as Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. My cousin sat across from this drunk lady who kept praying in this eastern Europeon language. She had just won $2800. smackers a few hours earlier and in one sitting she blew $800 of it on bingo cards. When she didn’t win at the end if the night, I felt like buying her a shot of something. What a bum car ride home that would be…

One thing about Saturday night bingo is that I know we went with the atrtitude of “Hey, let’s go be goofy and play bingo!” I imagined people shouting and singing and laughing. Wrong. It’s dead silent, and God forbid if during the part 4 Cover-All game you try to make polite conversation with your sister about other things you could have done that night like go see a Corpse Bride again, everyone at the other table will give you stink eye and “ssssh” you! We didn’t get home until almost 1 am and because I only had 3-1/2 hours of shut eye the night before, I overslept this morning and made my Nana miss her 7:30 am mass. All that because of gambling!

Today I cleaned out the studio to prep it for streamlined mass production and then helped DeAngelo make a sports costume for spirit week at his high school. He tells me the night before! I made him help me do it and it was so sweet to see him looking all buff and macho-like while working a pair of pinking shears. If my camera weren’t broken, I would have snapped some blackmail-worthy pictures.

Which brings me to tonight. I’m writing up a 2-page book treatment for my next project. It looks like I’ll be starting a new book soon (not the one I originally thought I’d be doing, but that’s A-OK!) and before it gets the official greenlight I have to pull an impressive outline together to be presented in the monring to my agent and then to the editor who asked for it. I love this part of the process, brainstorming, thinking up ideas for chapters, photos, sidebars, titles and so forth.

I’m seeing fuzzy right now. Need to go mimi. Before I sign off, I have to share a couple of fun stories I did for my day job!

AP Wire Image

Maria Bello, A History of Violence.

Elijah Wood, Everything is Illuminated.

You likee the picture? My friend and co-worker Celine took it. Elijah came through Phoenix for a publicity tour for his new movie, Everything is Illuminated (loved it!). He met me at The Willow House, a central Phoenix coffeehouse, on a Wednesday morning and put up with all of my goofy questions, while Celine snapped photos. Both Celine and had red cheeks from blushing so much and trying to look cool and normal. Elijah is just how he seems in pictures, interviews and on screen. He is so cool, easy going and funny. I asked some pretty weird questions (that didn’t make it in the printed story) and he was quick to answer all of them. Could you imagine sitting down for coffee with Elijah Wood at a local coffeehouse? It was so surreal and an experience I’ll never, ever forget!

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