Holiday Stress: Send Help!

I go insane this time of year. Swear to God I do. I get so excited about the holiday season, that I literally make ornaments and keep them in my bag to pass out as goodwill to strangers who are nice to me. I LOVE this time of the year. So much, I get very emotional!

For example, this morning I cried because our front electrical outlet didn’t work. I thought there would be no multi-colored icycle lights at the Murillo home this year. Patrick pressed the re-set button and all was well. I’m so supercharged for December, I quiver when I see red cups at Starbucks. And I was among the frenzied crafters at 5:30 am for Black Friday yesterday.

At this time of the year, grand plans appear in my head, like popcorn in motion – today Theresa and I went to Home Depot so I could buy a new $30 doorbell for our house. When we were getting out of her van, we saw this scary dude hanging out by the cars. “Why is he doing that? He must be up to something sneaky!” I whispered to Theresa.

We got inside the store and my doorbell mission was sidetracked. Within seconds, I had convinced myself to purchase six gallons of paint (orange and fuschia??? I’m a FREAK!!!). I had decided to spruce up our entryway, living room and kitchen in ONE magical day. At that moment, it all made perfect sense. So I loaded my shopping cart with paint trays, rollers in various sizes, corner attachments, edging tools, painter’s tape, tarps and brushes. I brought the color cards up to Mr. Paint Mixer Man who entered the info in the computer for preparation. He informed me I would need undercoats, so it doubled the amount I needed. “Come back in 20 minutes” he said.

I wandered around the warehouse to pass time. I chose my doorbell and cruised the aisles. When I got to the sink department I remembered how Patrick and I have been wanting to replace the front bathroom sink and cabinets. “How can I buy paint stuff when we really need the new bathroom sink?” I thought, ashamed.

The paint plan was nixed. I sneakily weaved over to the self-checkout lane and darted out of the store so Mr. Paint Mixer Man wouldn’t see me. I made it outside to Theresa’s van and hid by the driver’s side rear view window. Hunching, I called her cell and told her where I was. She sighed and said she would be a few minutes for me to hang on.

When I hung up my phone and put it in my purse, I felt someone staring at me. Before I could look up, I heard a lady ask her friend, “What the hell is that woman doing standing there in between the cars?” She was talking about me.

NEXT – we go to JoAnn’s. I had just been there at 6 am the day before and got a shopping cart full of anything and everything. Again, wandering in excitement for the season, I found this gorgeous red, embroidered satin-y type upholstery fabric. I visualized whipping together a set of custom couch covers tonight to fit with the holiday color scheme. I’ve never made couch covers but it looks easy on Trading Spaces, so I figured it was a task I could handle in one evening, maybe two. So…I had Ms. Fabric Cutting Lady count out TEN yards for me. It was %50 off! What a deal! She handed me the roll that was taller than me, and I went to look for Theresa to show off my score.

At one point I was so engrossed with the selection of I don’t know what, that I set down the roll for closer inspection of the goods before me. 30 minutes later, I’m in the candle asile feeling like I forgot something. The tall roll of fabric! I searched the aisles up and down and didn’t see it. I took it as a sign from the universe that my one-night couch covers were not meant to be. Theresa found me and handed over her cell phone. It was our friend Laurie in Eugene, Oregon.

“Here, say hi to Laurie.” Theresa said as she handed me the phone.

I grabbed it, found a corner and huddled down. “Laurie! I’m so bad, I had a paint guy at Home Depot mix me multiple gallons of orange and pink paint and then I bailed! Now I’m at JoAnn’s and the same thing happened with 10 yards of embroidered upholstery fabric!”

She chuckled and said: “Kath, don’t feel bad. I just bailed on a $2,000 TV set at Best Buy about five minutes ago…”

Tis the season I guess!

Love & light,

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